Edward Honig Dedicates His Life To Literally Saving Hearts

Updated on July 10th, 2017:
Edward Honig wrote a great piece on healthcare when you’re traveling. Perfect read for anybody about to take a summer trip, or that’s just curious about the protocol of traveling abroad with a health problem. The hospital scene isn’t always the same everywhere around the world, so it’s important to know what to do in an emergency, wherever you may be. Otherwise, that vacation could end up being permanent.

Cardiologists are doctors who focus on diagnosing and curing heart and blood vessel issues. Some of the most common problems they tend to are that of arrhythmia, heart disease, and LVADs. When choosing a cardiologist it’s important that you take the situation seriously and use this simple guide to help you get the best possible treatment starting with your choice of cardiologist. The most important thing is remembering to get a head start on doing your own personal research. Make sure to check the hospital quality, the board certifications of your potential cardiologist as well as which university they attended, and make certain that you check with the doctor to understand the way they communicate so that you’ll know if they fit your way of learning. Another great way to help you decide which cardiologist you want to work with is through researching their patient care surveys so you can hear from the doctor’s actual patients.

Edward Honig is a Cardiologist for the Glen Cove Hospital Dept of Medicine in the city of Glen Cove in New York. At the ripe and wise age of 89 years old, Edward Honig has earned tremendous amounts of experience which can not be matched simply by a degree in the same field as his own. He has dedicated his life to the exciting world of medicine and health in the honorable pursuit of saving lives through treating the heart and blood vessels of the human body. Edward Honig is a devoted Cardiologist who has helped countless people through out his career. Working out of New York for much of his life, Edward Honig enjoys life as a medical professional and takes his job in stride with the humility and graciousness that one would hope to surround themselves with while they are being both diagnosed and treated for the potential heart and blood vessel diseases and problems which they may be going to have to face within their future. Becoming an inspiration in his field, Honig has put his entire body and soul into the act of literally saving the hearts of his community.

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