Edward Honig Remains an Irreplaceable Cardiologist in New York City


Our heart is the most vital organ in our bodies. Failure of the heart causes death in a matter of minutes. The heart, if not taken care of is prone to diseases. It is recommendable to see a cardiologist with or without symptoms. A cardiologist is a medical practitioner responsible for the treatment of the heart disorders. A cardiologist performs a series of different tests to check the health status of the heart. Health is vital to living a fulfilling life. And while the heart remains at the center of healthy living, it is important to see a cardiologist more often than not. Visiting a cardiologist ensures that possible heart disorders such as murmurs are detected and dealt with accordingly.

There are several qualities and characteristics a person should look for while identifying a good cardiologist in New York.


Certifications and Credentials

The heart is a delicate organ. It is, therefore, important to entrust it with a certified professional. A particular cardiologist should have an in-depth level of knowledge in integrative cardiology. They should have trained in a reputable hospital and be certified by the council. Registration with FACC is a sign that the doctor has demonstrated the highest standards required for patient care.

Updated with Modern Technology

Advancement in technology has improved life in the broad spectrum. In Medicine, better and revolutionary methods of identifying disease causes have come up. In the field of cardiology, advancements in the screening machines have helped identify issues before escalation. A Good cardiologist is dynamic. He/she should adopt the new technology and integrate it with their services.


Consult the Internet

The internet contains a wealth of information regarding all kind of medical practitioners. In case there is a specific doctor in mind, one can always check them up. The reviews conducted on a particular cardiologist by other patients are helpful. However, the reviews should not be the primary guide for your choice. In some instances, experienced and knowledgeable cardiologist gets fewer reviews due to unnecessary things like queues in their place of work. Therefore, reports to be considered should relate to the specialty.

Conduct a Search for Disciplinary Actions

The government compiles information on all medical practitioners. Additionally, they make the information readily available to the public through a searchable database. The state medical board also holds this information. If a cardiologist gets disciplined, it will be in the state’s records. The contact details of the state board are in the Federal of State Medical Boards website. In the end, it is wise to avoid cardiologists with disciplinary actions despite their experience.




This factor is paramount to people suffering from an active heart disease. The location of the cardiologist workplace is important. For individuals with an active disease, numerous trips to the hospital are required. Therefore, the location should be accessible without a hustle. The location should not compromise for exceptional care.


Attention to Detail

A good cardiologist pays attention to even the slightest of irregularities. The cardiologist should pinpoint the problem accurately instead of using try and error methods. Additionally, the origin of the issue should be known to him/her and the treatment prescribed should be effective.


The world of cardiology is vast, and for most people, it is a difficult job to find a good cardiologist. Finding a doctor like Edward Honig is quite a daunting task. He practiced cardiology at Glen Cove Hospital. He was a leading consultant in cardiology in America. Honig was a dedicated teacher, a lover of art and had an exceptional taste for music. He was certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine as a cardiologist.

Edward Honig had a soft touch and a tender caring heart towards patients. He had over 50 years of experience in cardiology. During this time, Honig served as the director of electrocardiography at St Francis Hospital based in Roslyn. At Glen Cove Hospital, he was the director of cardiology. On several occasions, Dr. Edward recommended visits to a cardiologist to proper monitor potential dangers affecting the heart.  Find out more information on Honig’s career, and why he’s a great example of a doctor you can trust on

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