Facebook Is Now Testing A Facial Recognition Feature

Facebook is now testing a feature that will let users sign in by using facial recognition. This may be used as an option in addition to two-factor authentication, which makes users enter a code that was sent via text message to their phones in order to access their accounts. With the facial recognition feature, users can use their faces to identify themselves instead, according to TechCrunch.

As of now, Facebook is only using this feature for users that have been locked out of their accounts, such as if they had lost their password. Usually, they would need to enter the two-factor authentication code that was sent to them via text message. However, if they have changed their number, or if they do not have access to their phone at the moment they want to log in, or if they changed their mobile phone plan and cannot accept text messages, or if they are out of their mobile service area, they can use the facial recognition feature to sign in to and access their account.

Facebook is only testing this feature with a limited number of users. It also only works on devices where the user has already logged into Facebook, to prevent hackers from logging in on other devices. Facebook will be testing it and seeing if it can be fooled. If it is really safe and secure, Facebook may roll it out to more users of the social platform.

Facebook has tried other methods in the past of allowing users to log in without an SMS code. For example, they let you designate your trusted friend who you would allow Facebook to send codes to, and who would be able to help you open your account that way. This new feature will make things easier for people who are locked out of their account.

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