Future of Web Security: Firms Now Forced to Think Like Hackers

With new waves of DDoS attacks reported every day, and dozens of publications on the same, it has become eminent for companies to re-think their cyber security strategies.


Cyber-attacks are becoming more sophisticated as technology evolves. Recently, a luxury goods manufacturer went under attack from a phisher who stole employee finger-prints used as security clearance to their warehouses. The hackers could now access the warehouse at will, going a daring step further to even upload their own fingerprints into the company’s biometric security clearance system.


This is just one of the few cases where Artificial Intelligence is used as a new weapon for hackers. It has forced companies running online businesses to rethink how they approach the issue of cyber security. The new trend for cyber security companies is to change how they think and reason like a hacker. Instead of monitoring hacker teams or evaluating new attacks, the focus now is evaluating a company’s security network and identifying low-levels anomalies that could serve as loopholes for phishers to exploit.


Online retail companies like Amazon are now forced to protect their online apps as well against attacks. In a recently conference they held, Amazon announced their new security protocol, AWS Shield that will exclusively protect all apps running on Amazon Web Services. This new cloud security feature comes ready to install without any extra effort from developers. Amazon also announced a premium paid package that includes protection from high sophisticated attacks, 24-hour mitigation service for clients and cost protection against any monetary losses that companies could incur while alleviating an attack.



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