Google Increases Security Measures

One of the most important and sensitive aspects of any website, mobile application, or any other Internet-based application is web security. In recent news (, Internet giant Google unveiled features that will ensure its users receive the highest security measures in its newest product.


Within the next few months Google will be releasing the Android 7.0, which will likely be one of the most popular phones on the market. One of the most important features on this phone will be the updated operating system and security measures that will go along to protect it. There are several new features in the security system which will make it one of the most secure devices ever.


One of the primary features of the new security system of the bone is the direct boot and stronger encryption programming. Instead of simply having to type in a short PIN, The phone will utilize a stronger encryption methodology that will prevent hackers. It is also expected that the newest reboot methodology will make it more convenient for customers to use while also making it safer.


The new google operating system will also greatly cut down on the potential for security packs in the mobile applications. Previously, applications were able to share data and other information between each other. This open the door for potential security hacks to steal data from both the application, from users of the phone and applications, and even to install viruses. The amount of communication that can take place between applications has been reduced dramatically to ensure that user information is stored safely.each application will also be further scrutinized by Google and the application store during the initial development of the application and each round of updates. Users will also have the ability to prevent automatic downloads of the updates.




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