Google’s 2017 AI Plans for Pi Makers

Google is looking forward this year to expand the development tools available for the pioneers using the Raspberry Pi microprocessor to power their 2017 projects. The act will potentially offer software infrastructure for face and emotion recognition, speech to text translation, processing of natural language, analysis of sentiments and predictive analytics among many others.


In the current phase, the company is conducting a survey of Pi makers, inquiring about the tools they would require Google to develop for them. The study is available on the Raspberry Pi official website. The survey quotes that the Google team are seeking to facilitate Makers with smart tools, and they would love a feedback on what specific tools would be most helpful.


The possible technological areas that could be worked on include drones, IoT, home automation, robotics, machine learning, 3D printing, and wearables. That shows just how far they have diversified in the technological development. The Pi Foundation is a non-profit organization based in the UK and has achieved excellent success with its low-cost microprocessors. In September last year, they surpassed more than ten million sales just four and a half years after the product was released in the market. They had expected to sell just a few thousand in the board’s lifetime.


Pi makers have access to several development tools that they could tap into, for instance, the Open CV computer vision library for creating facial recognition software. However, with Google’s intervention with its AI tools, the makers could accelerate the development of the particular niche. For a long time, Google Company has shown interest in the Pi, donating $1 million worth of microprocessors to fifteen thousand UK school children in 2013. The action falls in line with Pi Foundation’s goal of encouraging more children to sign up into coding.


They also developed an open source tool recently that would turn Pi into a basic web server.

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