Hollywood Stars Fascinated With Kabbalah

Kabbalah Centre deals with the study of ancient Jewish mysticism. Many Hollywood stars like Madonna, Paris Hilton, the late Marilyn Monroe, Britney Spears as well as Sammy Davis expressed a huge interest in Jewish kabbalah. The question on everyone’s lips is why would famous celebrities be so interested in Jewish kabbalah? Yet they are not born Jews? These celebrities practice the Jewish mysticism routinely and some have converted to Judaism as a result.

Sandra Bernhard for instance confessed to LA times that the mysticism eliminated 80 percent of chaos in her life. This was concurred by Paris Hilton who agreed with Sandra’s sentiments when talking to Britain’s More Magazine. She elaborated that after she split with Nick Carter Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles helped her cope. After she shared her story with everyone, she received a new kabbalah bracelet and she still goes there regularly.

Several celebrity students attending Kabbalah Centre feel the same way. According to the website posts on Kabbalah Centre, kabbalah is an ancient wisdom giving practical tools for creating lasting fulfillment and joy. It changes the way a person looks at life and the world. It is considered as the soul of the Torah that teaches deep insight on interaction of God with the world and His purpose for creation.

kabbalah offers a comprehensive plan, structure and detailed understanding of the universe and the particulars of one’s life. Some Hollywood celebrities were drawn to Kabbalah Centre to simply be part of the 5,000-year-old history like Sammy Davis.

The celebrities confessed that kabbalah gives them the inner strength to cope with oppression and turn the other cheek. They see the great oppression overcome by Judaism and motivation to be able to conquer their own struggles. Majority of them believe that Judaism is held together by spiritual peace and honesty something they found lacking in their lives.

One of the main teachings of kabbalah is that people are put in this world for a reason and to help others. Madonna for instance believes everyone has to figure out their roles and how they can help fulfill it. She is currently working to spread the message of kabbalah throughout the world.

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