How Dick Devos Has Achieved Perfection In Philanthropy

Dick DeVos is an American businessman who has also been supporting philanthropy through his career as an entrepreneur. In an interview, he explains that one of the reasons he has been so energetic and focused on giving back to the society is the optimism that something positive will come out of the effort he puts into serving the society. He initiated several programs to fund philanthropic courses in Florida, Louisiana, Ohio, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, and Indiana to mention a few. He is more focused towards ensuring the projects he pursues bring forth happiness to others who lack the amenities everyone enjoys.


Through his business career, Dick DeVos has worked in many executive positions at the Orland Magic, The Windquest Group, and Amway. He is the current president of The Windquest Group and his service has been aligned towards achieving the goals of the company and extending its mandate to serve the society through its social responsibility and accountability program.


In 1993, Dick DeVos was appointed the President of Amway, where he worked until 2002. He took responsibility of all aspects of the operations of the company, which has subsidiaries in 50 countries and six continents. During his final year of working at Amway, the company achieved a record $4.5 billion in sales. Before he was appointed as the president, he worked as the Vice President of Amway and while performing in this position, he was responsible for the operations of the company in 18 countries.


It is through the leadership of Dick DeVos that the company was able to move into new markets and it tripled international sales, for the first time in its history it exceeded domestic sales. The family of Dick DeVos acquired Orlando Magic in 1991 and immediately he assumed the role of the President and CEO, a position he held for three years


Apart from pursuing business interest, Dick DeVos has also been leading an array of community initiatives. He launched the Education Freedom Fund that awarded over 4,000 underprivileged children with scholarships. He also created the West Michigan Aviation Academy, which sought to offer rigorous training focused on aviation.


His contribution to philanthropic initiatives has been key to revitalizing the support for social organizations that help the needy to access important services. Due to his contribution towards supporting philanthropic initiatives, he is acclaimed across the world as an individual whose business pursuits have been considerate of the need to provide effective service to all.


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