How Pixie Can Help Secure Your Online Accounts

Two-factor authentication is a popular way to make sure that your devices and accounts are protected from hackers. The way it works is that when you want to sign in to your account on a new device, you need to first get an authentication code sent to your mobile phone or your email address, and you will need to enter that code before you can access your account. This prevents people who have somehow hacked your password from accessing your account.

However, there is a new method that may replace two-factor authentication, according to The Verge. It is called Pixie. What it does is let you choose a specific object that you own. You will use this object to sign in to your accounts by taking pictures of it and uploading the pictures when you want to sign in.

This object can be anything you own. It will remain a secret, so only you know what the object is. It can be your bracelet, a book that you like reading, or even a mug that you use. You will take several pictures of the object at the beginning so that the system can recognize your later pictures of it. There are measures put into place so that it can recognize the object even if you can not take high quality pictures, such as if you do not have sufficient lighting.

Pixie is not yet ready to come to the market. However, studies say that it can be used to secure any device, ranging from smartphones to smartwatches. It is actually better than human face recognition in many ways, because you can change the item you use to identify yourself. In addition, when brute force was tried to see if hackers can figure out the object, they found that it would only work 0.09 percent of the time.

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