How to Stay Safe From Free iPhone Scams

The new iPhone is coming out, and it is important that you protect yourself by avoiding any free iPhone scams, which are now all over the internet on sites such as Facebook. For example, there are many Facebook groups where users post offers for free iPhones. To get the free iPhone, you need to enter your name and email address somewhere, complete a task, enter your personal information somewhere, or join a referral site that may be a scam, according to The Verge.

Of course, these people usually have no intention of giving out free iPhones, and they just take advantage of the desire of people to do anything to own the new iPhone. It is important that you do not click on any links that promise free iPhones anywhere on the internet, because they may be infested with malware, and they may compromise your personal information by downloading malware and viruses on your computer. In addition, they may download adware, which will cause annoying ads to pop up on a random basis when you are browsing the web, or even when you are not.

A study found that there were over five hundred pages across various social channels promising free iPhones. Dozens of them had links that contained malware. Others made people fill out a form with personal information. Others simply used the promise of a free iPhone as a trick to get people to like or subscribe to their social channels, essentially getting fake likes for free.

There are websites that promise the same thing, and which come up when you search for a free iPhone in Google. The best thing to remember is that free iPhone offers are almost always scams, and that you should avoid them like the plague. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

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