In Pursuit of Excellence: Maggie Gill–Memorial CEO is Moving Forward to Pursue a New Professional Direction:

Maggie Gill, the CEO of MUMC, in Savannah, Georgia, recently surprised Board Members, announcing her decision to depart friendly ways, with MUMC, in order to pursue other professional interests and opportunities. The engaging and popular CEO has made quite a positive impact on MUMC (Memorial University Medical Center), during her successful tenure, at the quality healthcare institution. The Board wishes Maggie all the best in future successes. The text that follows profiles Maggie’s successful academic and professional career to date:

Maggie Gill, moves, soundly, from one leadership position to the next leadership role, as is evidenced by her career progression. Her successful progression, is no surprise, to anyone familiar with Ms. Gill She is always a steady and a reliable team player. Even as she is departing friendly ways, with MUMC, she is assuring that the transition goes as smoothly as possible, staying on board, as the healthcare institution’s leader, in order that the Board Members may find a suitable CEO and President.

Maggie, came on board at MUMC—located in Savannah, Georgia, in 2004. Her role, at the time, was that of V.P. of Finance and Managed Care. In 2005, Maggie became COO. Ms. Gill was named the CEO and President of the healthcare institution in 2011.

Maggie provides leadership, to many departments, inside the well-regarded health care provider. She oversees the Trauma Unit, the Perioperative Services area, the Facilities Management area, Financial Assistance area, Corporate Communications; the Heart & Vascular Institute, the Neuroscience Program, the Orthopedic Program, MHUP—Memorial Health University Physicians, the Internal Audit function, Government Relations, and other MUMC predominant healthcare leaders.

Gill has made vast financial improvements. The health care organization required some financial restructuring upon the assumption of Gill’s role as its CEO and President.

Maggie, too, has worked, in the capacity of CFO of the Tenet South Florida Health System, prior to her taking a post at MUMC. She earned Tenet’s “Outstanding CFO” award, on 3 separate occasions.

Maggie earned her Bachelor’s Degree—with Honors from Florida St. University. She earned her MBA Degree—with Honors, from St. Leo University—in Florida. Ms. Gill has completed coursework pertinent to ‘Strategic Thinking’ and ‘Management’ from the noted Wharton School. Her leadership style, is naturally, an inspiration. Maggie always has “one foot forward.”


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