InnovaCare Health’s Team under Rick Shinto

Offering quality medical care is one of the main objectives of InnovaCare. To ensure growth and stability, the company emphasizes on hiring qualified professionals who can work well as a team. InnovaCare has achieves its vision by emphasizing on building proper working relationships and good communication. InnovaCare Health attributes its success to transparency. The firm’s mission statement shows just how committed they are in achieving their set goals and objectives.

InnovaCare health has two other branches located in Puerto Rico. These affiliates are MMH Healthcare Inc. as well as PMC Medicare Choice Inc. The two affiliates aim at offering high quality health-related services for the emotional and physical wellness of their members. They have a customer satisfaction rate at a consistent 90%, which indicates how successful the affiliates are. In the year 2011, the affiliates got NCQA recognition that is only awarded to those who meet their goals or go way over their set goals. Some of the considerations for NCQA accreditation are customer protection plus high quality services.

Penelope Kokkinides

Panelope is the chief administrative officer of InnovaCare. In addition to this, she has also been a COO at the firm. While working at Aveta Inc., she was the COO as well as the VP to the Clinical Operation’s department. Her experience in the development of clinical programs is more than 20 years. She has vast knowledge in healthcare and operation’s management.

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Richard Shinto

Richard is a well-known individual in the healthcare sector. He is the president at InnovaCare. His has brought technical experience and good leadership from his many years of experience operational as well as clinical healthcare. For his services at Aveta Inc., he got Ernst and Young Entrepreneur award of the year. This is an award given to those who pursue excellence with utmost dedication, and achieve it. Richard began his career in Southern California as an intern. While at Medical Pathways Management Company, he served as the chief medical and operations officer. Some time later, he worked at Cal Optima Health Plan in Orange County as the chief medical officer. Richard has also worked at NAMM California for many years prior to joining InnovaCare.

Being an expert in healthcare, Rick Shinto has a few books under his belt. He went to school at University of Redlands for his M.B.A. he earned his degree in medicine at the State University of New York. He also studied Business Studies at the University of California.

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