Lori Senecal Introversion and Leadership

The image of a successful person is that of an outspoken person. Even today, society still caters to the extroverted person. In some cases, it is required to be loud and obnoxious to be successful. For one thing, the world of business is an aggressive one. Therefore, one has to fight for attention. However, this type of path is not for everyone. There are people that are more reserved in their behavior. These types of people tend to be kept out. Often times, they find themselves sitting on the sidelines or working in a lower position in an established company. There are a few of those people that rise above expectations and take a leadership role. Lori Senecal is one of them.

One thing that separates Lori Senecal from all the other leaders is that she is more logical in her interactions. Those that are looking for a more expressive and emotive personality is not going to find it with Lori. She is more methodical, efficient, and concerned with making sure her business is working at its highest level. Lori herself admits that she is an introvert. She is not going to be one of those people who spend a lot of energy drawing attention to herself.

Senecal’s way of doing business has actually brought a lot of success to her and her company. One of the reasons that she is so successful is that she actually creates her success. She is someone who does not sit around wishing that some opportunity is going to come her way and change her life. Ironically, it is the person who does everything they can to make something happen that attracts all of the opportunities. Lori has shown that she is very reliable and innovative when it comes to business. She does not waste time on activities that have nothing to do with her business.

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