Making the World a Better Place with JeanMarie Guenot’s Cancer Fighting Initiative

JeanMarie Guenot is a professional medical expert and researcher, she has transformed many people lives buy helping them with his medical experience. She has also built and renovate different health centers. For over 20 years she has served in the medical industry henceforth achieving a lot as doctor who is recognized by many people. She graduated from the university of Carlifornia with a Ph.D and from the University of Pennsylvania at Wharton School with an MBA. In the medical industry he only deals with pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.


Some of the early firms she began are SKS Ocular and SKS Ocular 1, they are an organization that is in control of supplying drugs enterprise, continuous release visual medicine and dehydrated AMD. As the vice president at PDL BioPhama she manages the company business development. She then proceeded to be the organization consultant of Hoffmann-La Roche and Shanghai in Basel. JeanMarie Guenot controlled the Biogen Idec which has 3 sectors of stage 2 Cancer and patients sick with autoimmune.


Due to her brilliant work she was given an award in Bio Business Network Initiative in the year 2005. Apart from medical she was also an entrepreneur, she took part in the PDL’s manufacturing and moneymaking trades. Moreover she was part of the administrative Committee of PDL as well as a subordinate at the executive group. She also helped in eliminating other diseases including the neurology and oncology.

Publications Authored by JeanMarie Guenot

Now JeanMarie Guenot and allies are the supervisors at the Amphivena Therapeutics that is situated in San Francisco in California. The organization was begun with the target of eradicating numerous procedures of blood cancers. Cancer is a hazardous disease that the organization expects to cure so that people in the community can live much better life. The organization has certain techniques that are improved therapy and can eliminate cancer cells and that gets together the immune system of the patient.


The organization is certain that they will accomplish more in these new improved therapy techniques and also they have made antibody cure that will help in the sensing of cancer signs. The company has also attained numerous help from numerous medical contributions from different companies.

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