Meet Logan Stout; CEO and Founder of IDLife

A good percentage of people are affected by overweight. This is a big challenge as it affects people’s lives negatively. Overweight comes with a dozen of health risks such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, arthritis as well as cancer. To manage these problems has also been challenging as many options available in the market are not giving satisfying results. As a result, Logan Stout founded IDLife to come up with supplements and vitamins that are effective in weight management.

Logan is a former athlete, businessman as well as a successful entrepreneur. He has always worked hard to help people overcome most of their challenges. He decided to start IDLife to help many people affected by excess weight. These individuals have been struggling exercising, using diet and supplements that they hope will give results within a short period as described by many manufacturers in the market. Many of these supplements end up disappointing as they don’t help much in nutrition and weight loss.

Logan Stout decided to work with doctors and researchers to come up with nutritional solutions that are effective in weight loss. With IDLife, clients can now get personalized weight management solutions which work efficiently with every individual. To come up with these supplements, IDLife considers many factors about the overweight individual. This has been very key as individuals are different from each other thus the supplement should also be specific to individuals’ weight loss requirements. IDLife nutritional supplements are made from high-quality organic ingredients.

Logan Stout through IDLife is giving individuals a chance to make extra income by becoming IDLife consultants. Most of these consultants are users of the company’s products and know how they work. One needs to sign up with IDLife and start making extra money by selling this amazing supplement and vitamins. After signing up, the company provides a starter kit that has everything one needs to start up. On top of that one needs a personal web page where the advertisement is done as well as sending links to clients for them to sign up for the subscription. Many are taking this opportunity to generate extra income.

Logan Stout is also a motivational speaker, author, and a supportive businessman. He helps people with great ideas but doesn’t know where to start in starting up businesses. On top of that, he partners with other successful individuals like John c Maxwell to help others in achieving their goals. Also, Logan mentors youths interested in pursuing sports through Dallas Patriots Baseball Organization. He is a learned man as he attended Panola College where he earned a degree in business and attended the University of Dallas where he attained another degree.

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