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The CBE deadline for the annual declaration on capitals ended on 5th April. It is however important for individuals to be knowledgeable about the quarterly statements that have been covered over the financial year. This is primarily because CBB also known as the Central Bank of Brazil has non-deliveries on the set dates. There are other deliveries with errors or as well as vices or incomplete data in addition to false information. These issues may imply heavy fines of approximately R $ 250,000. This is according to Ricardo Tosto, a founding partner at Tosto Firm.


For there not to be any risk involved in the banking system, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the processes involved in issuing statements at the Brazilian Capitals Abroad. Ricardo Tosto also explained that the declarations must be posted online under the declaration statute of CBE. This form is found on the Central of Brazil website. The forms exist in two types namely:

Annual CBE

The Annual CBE from is compulsory for people with residential entities within Brazil likeequity participation found in companies, shares, real estate as well as deposits. This also includes individuals with foreign assets, fixed income securities, real estate as well as shares among others. The total cost of these transactions usually adds up to 100,000 dollars in every financial year.


According to Ricardo Tosto, the dates for CBEs Quarterly are June 30th as well as March 31st and September 30 annually. There is no set a date for the fourth CBE statement of the year.

Tosto’s Profile

Ricardo Tosto is an expert in civil law, banking law, commercial law, political, business, debt as well as credit restructuring. Tosto is a partner as well as founder at Leite, Tosto e Barros. Tosto specializes in areas of banking contracts, acquisition review as well as business restructuring and administration. Tosto has worked as a legal adviser in human resource management, civil law as well as commercial law. Ricardo Tosto attained a degree in law from the Mackenzie School. He advanced his studies by acquiring a course in business administration. Tosto is a prominent lawyer who continues to pave the way for himself in the law industry.

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