Net Neutrality 101

Every year, the internet is a little less fair. Huge companies that are a little shorter on patience than the previous, enable more forces until they are concentrated and a certain idealism gives way to a relentless pragmatism. Before you know it, this overwhelming presence is squeezing us of all prior freedoms.

And when Ajit Pai, the new chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC, for his acronym in English), is with the named committee; It is likely to grow even more hegemonic and companies can become even more powerful.

In fact, I suggest that you research any article that is done on the power of growing companies and how they effect government.

At this time, the Internet is not in a good place. Amazon, apple, Facebook, Microsoft and the parent company of Google, which controls almost everything in the online universe, is beautiful in the digital world, including operating systems, mobile application stores, browsers, cloud storage infrastructure and ocean and data. At the same time add a few more to the group? -Comcast, AT & T, and Verizon control cable and wireless connections, through which all data flows. One talked about the Internet as a safe haven for young innovative companies, but companies that have emerged have recently crashed and landed somewhere afar off the internet highway. Today in the red giant companies do not share the road, they just completely dominate.

This brings us to the status of our beloved net neutrality. The rule prevents broadband providers from offering a preferential treatment for certain online content; Comcast, for example, prevents an increase in the speed of a video streaming transmission company that one can not afford to pay. It does this all so that it may force internet users into buying its services.

Among many legal disputes to have been settled in a roundabout way, net neutrality rules of the Internet can instantly effect everything in existence and that change will linger for years. In 2015, after President Barack Obama supported a more rigorous policy, it was Tom Wheeler, who introduced the FCC rules under the presidency, of a great network neutrality. However, under the direction of Donald Trump, net neutrality is on the cutting table, as Trump is ready to overthrow every fair Obama policy left. At the end of April, Ajit Pai described the rules; His vision was likely to be approved, but the FCC and the Trump administration is receiving backlash. Hopefully the fear of upsetting most of their own voters, will offset any inconsiderate decision.

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