Nick Vertucci, the real estate guru training others in the industry

Nick Vertucci is an admirable leader who has dusted off the dirt and stood up again to advance his life and career as a whole. Nick Vertucci came from an average background where basic needs were provided for. This was until he got to the age of 10 and his father passed away. His mother struggled to provide for them and had to work extra hard so that their needs were catered for. By the time he turned 18 years, Nick Vertucci was living as bad as it could get, he was living in his van. Things started picking up when he got lucky and started selling parts of a computer from the same boot. The fact that he was the dictator and owner of his own business fascinated and motivated him. He soon managed to get himself a beautiful girl to marry and they got three kids.

Nick Vertucci is a strong believer in the fact that what you have been through should not be used as a basis to determine your future as is clearly emulated in his background and life. Things were now looking up and he could afford a decent life for his family. Unfortunately, in 2000, the dot-com crash shattered this dream for him. He started spending more than he was making and this led him into debt. Things were getting hard. His friend invited him for a seminar that offered training on real estate during the time. Although he was reluctant to attend at first, his friend insisted and they went together. What Nick learned in this seminar changed his life completely.

He says that looking back, this seminar and the lessons learned are what he attributes his success to. After the seminar, he studied and took in a lot of things regarding real estate. The seminar had given him motivation and inspiration to get out of the financial set back he was facing. It took him more than 10 years to put together all the necessary information to be successful in the real estate industry. He then developed a system that helps him make good returns from real estate. He teaches this system to others so that he can give them a chance to experience financial freedom and transform their lives to better versions. The returns are good and the system is easily understandable. He started the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy where he offers training on real estate. Besides been the Founder, he is the CEO of this company.

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