Omar Yunes’ Victory Indicates More

The Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) crowned Omar Yunes as the best franchisee in the contest. The contest was held in Florence, Italy on the fifth of December. He won the award because of the contributions he made into the brand’s achievements. Omar Yunes first came into the franchisee business at an early age of 21 years. He has advanced and now owns thirteen franchisee units found in Puebla, Veracruz and Mexico City. The number amounts to 10 percent of the total units the brand has.

Omar Yunes feels so proud of the award. He credits the award to the entire community in the thirteen units that he manages and also to the whole brand for allowing him the opportunity to innovate. There were many representatives from many countries (totaling thirty-four) in the 2015 edition. Countries that were represented include Hungary, Brazil, Portugal, Argentina, Italy, and Mexico among others. It was a contest of its kind, and the competition was so stiff. Factors that were considered during evaluation included how far the brand affected the network and not the brand itself. The aspects therein included the extent of the effect, knowledge contribution to the network, the amount of saving exercised, the prices of the brand’s services and the improvements planned.

According to the information given by the organizer of the BFW Mexico, Diego Elizarrarras, Omar Yunes’ victory was brought by his action as the change in the brand. He had succeeded in creating a relationship with the brand. Omar Yunes did win not only the BFW Award but also won the first position in the national elimination. In his innovations, he managed to bring in better management of information and also brought in improvements on measuring units by implementing control panels.

According to Sushi Itto’s CEO, Benjamin Cancelmo, the victory is an indication of the overall effort by brands in trying to offer the best of the services to their customers mixed with the top quality food stuff and unique hospitality. Elizarrarras adds that the victory also shows the growth of the sector from regional effect into international level effect.

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