Overview of Programming Languages in High Demand

Marc Andreessen once declared that “Software is eating the world”. This means that there is a need for programmers to write the software. There are so many programming languages that exist in the world but some are far more popular than the rest. When a software company is looking to employ new employees, it will go for people who are well familiar with the systems and languages they use including the recent languages like Google Go or Apple Swift. Below are some programming languages that you ought to learn if you want to compete favorably in the industry.



Popular Programming Languages



Java was invented in 1991 for smart televisions and remains popular even today given that it remains crucial in the development of android app and other business software. C is another programming language that is among the oldest languages that are still commonly used. Python is another language that has been in existence from 1989 and fans love it for its highly readable code and it is the easiest to start with. PHP is a language used to program websites and big sites like Facebook, Yahoo and WordPress use it. Microsoft’s Visual Basic and the Visual Basic.NET has tried to make programming become easier as it allows you to make changes by dragging and dropping.



JavaScript is another popular programming program that is mostly used in the development of web apps. If you are a statistician or doing data analysis, you should then study the R programming language because of the power it offers to mathematicians. Go is another great and new programming language to learn as it is the fastest-growing languages out there. Ruby is a 24-year old programming language that is great for its code that is easy to read and write. Ruby has an add-on, Rails, which makes it easier for building web apps.



You can also consider learning Groovy, an offshoot of Java, that was incepted in 2007 and has won the hearts of big developers like Google, IBM and Target as it integrates easily with Java code. Other languages include the Objective-C, Perl, Pascal, Swift, MATLAB and Delphi Object Pascal. You can get more details on them here.


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