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  1. A good leader is responsible, not only to himself but to those who follow him. He’s accountable and therefore must act responsibly.
  2. Yes; Michel Terpin is my leader.
  3. Yes; he delivers on time and professionally.
  4. Yes. He has done short creative writing pieces for scholastic anthologies as well as papers on engineering for research facilities. He’s willing to do any type of writing, but he excels in subjects about technology and history.
  5. He’s not only a Brazilian rally driver but also a polymath with an MFA in writing. He has authored a humor column for 6 years, so he’s not near as stuffy as the $50 word he dropped in sentence number one. He drives full time and is looking for ways to supplement his paltry Charter school pittance and can provide clean copy quickly.

Warm Regards, readers: Michel says hello. That’s not all. He also shares his secrets for an effective leader in any industry in four core components:

1.Loyalty to your followers

  1. Ability to listen and adapt
  2. Clear vision and humility
  3. Ability to make decisions and examine them for ROI

Yes. I do typically write in MLA but learned Chicago when editing and writing for Good Catch Publishing. I also edit collegiate essays written in AP style, so the learning curve is not intimidating: I have written on this leader before and am still intrigued by his efforts. I even authored a humor column about senior citizens for 4 years. I have ghostwritten books, plays, screenplays, white papers and blogs.

I’ve written blogs and articles on subjects from jewelry to physical therapy certification programs. I haven’t found a subject I couldn’t make interesting, engaging and Search Engine Optimized. I like to learn, so all subjects can teach me. Yet for all these efforts, writing about Terpin, Brazil and racing – though perhaps not in that order – is what compels me the most and gets me out of bed each morning. Read about this wonderful man and his superb company, and you will quickly see exactly why.


It is often said in life that one of the most important things is timing. It is important to be in the right place at the right time. When opportunity strikes, people have to pounce on it and be ready. If they snooze, they really might lose. As far as Talk Fusion is concerned, they are hotter than ever right now. It is evident by the fact they have won two awards from the Technology Marketing Corporation. This is a company that has high standards. When a company has high standards, it means that have seen a lot of products and they have done extensive research. Because of this, it means more when that award is actually won. It stands for something and it is something to be very, very proud of, as a company.


Talk Fusion won the award for the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. If anyone were to ask Talk Fusion about what they stand for, they are all about finding solutions for people out there. One thing that really stood out from Talk Fusion was the fact that they are not done yet. This is just the start for them. Bob Reina also heaped heavy praise onto his IT team. This is a company that is constantly improving, innovating, and changing for the better.


They know they have a great business model, but they want to make it even greater as time goes on, so they stay around and keep the customers happy. That is what they are all about: the customers. They are the ones that are the lifeblood of the company. The owner and founder, Bob Reina, loves to hear from his customers and get their feedback. He takes it all into consideration and proceeds to move forward from there. He also listens to his staff of employees.


Once a company thinks they have it all figured out, they are in serious trouble. There is always room for improvement, things to revamp, and areas to improve. It is clear the Technology Marketing Corporation is greatly impressed with the work of Talk Fusion (


The Landscape Of International Banking


International banking is a broad industry.


It takes into account the trading strategies and methods of the very best. But it also puts into practice the need for tolerance as nations and countries all involve themselves with the prospects of beating the markets or expanding their portfolios.


When this is the circumstances, then a very competitive environment exists. Learn more:


But international banking is also conquerable. Taking a glimpse at the Madison Street Capital reputation, and the facts become clear. With the right team, understanding and strategic outlook, nothing is impossible within international investment banking.


Yet there are a lot of factors to consider, but once you do, the prize to be had are “out of this world.”


– The Major Prizes


One of the major accomplishments of the Madison Street Capital investment bank is its ability to work in every international market and as if the agency wasn’t primarily located in Chicago. When investment banks like MSC have this standing, they’re able to stunt competition and in an effective way.


The major prize is often a huge influx of work.


What this means is that while other agencies struggle for a mere existence, Madison Street Capital remains highly diverse with clients from every corner of the globe. This places MSC even higher in the Wall Street circles as other nations seek to gain spoils of their own and within the American markets.


In the end, the agency gains an impressively expansive reputation as one of the best in investment banking and international markets.


– How Madison Street Does Its Management


But having a reach into international markets is not enough.


The MSC agency has another advantage that not many other firms can claim. This is the agency’s research process and work ethic. As these pieces come together to make a cohesive whole, what we see is an internal management process that places the agency at the top of its industry.


And this work all begins with the right team members and professionals in finance. Both are resources that the agency has and will continue to improve upon as time stretches well into the future. Learn more:


USHEALTH Group offers both individual health and life insurance services to business owners and families. The group was founded in 1982 in Texas’ Fort Worth. The entity was formulated through a restructuring plan, which led to a name change from Ascent Assurance to the current USHEALTH Group in 2005. The firm utilizes a reliably extensive network of agents who facilitate its sales growth. The portfolio of the group includes fixed indemnity medical cover, health insurance, dental insurance, income protection solution as well as accident and emergency coverage.


The USHEALTH Group offers innovative, personalized products and services, which are affordable and reliable. The group is passionate about formulating long-term commitments with their clientele, which foster loyalty. The entity has experienced rapidly unprecedented growth to become a standard-setting industry leader in the life and health insurance sector as well as related services. In addition, the organization has won various industry awards primarily for its excellence in business development, leadership and service delivery.


USHEALTH Advisors is among the subsidiary arms of the USHEALTH Group, and it has won reputed awards such as the National Sales Team of the Year and Most Innovative Company of the Year by Stevie Awards two years in a row. The Stevie Awards missions to honor excellence in business development, sales and customer service. The USHEALTH Group’s CEO and president, Troy McQuagge also earned the One Planet CEO of the Year Award in 2017. The group continues to set the industry standards through its innovative and affordable insurance products as well as responsive customer care.


USHEALTH Group products and services can be easily customized to cater the short-term needs of their clients such as contingency accidents or even surgeries. Additionally, the groups feature a flexible payment plan, which works well in attracting and retaining individuals with unpredictable health circumstances and irregular incomes. The group is in its entirety committed to the provision of innovative services, which can facilitate affordable health care. Notably, health insurance serves as a reliable path to cheaper, affordable health care costs. It is worthwhile noting that the USHEALTH Group ensures hassle-free claims to its clients. As such, the entity guarantees quick relief in their customers’ already stressful situations. A majority of the claims usually clear within ten days of application.


Seemingly, the policy offered by USHEALTH Group is individual and portable and as such is not in any way linked to a particular employer or provider. The foundation boasts of a full range of healthcare providers, thus ensuring its clients enjoy the freedom of choice so as to retain their favorite service provider. The organization serves an umbrella entity for more than ten firms, which all work hand in hand to accomplish their overall objectives. Some of these companies include Pacific Casualty Company, USHEALTH Advisors, Ascent Funding, and the direct distribution agency, USHEALTH Academy, USHEALTH Direct and much more.

Are you searching for a financial institution that offers great services and financial products? Need to find a bank that has a team of highly qualified financial advisors in the Dallas area? Whether you’re looking to open a new bank account or you want to switch banks, it is imperative to research before choosing one.

Nexbank is a reputable bank that provides excellent financial services to customers. The bank is located in Dallas, Texas and has the resources advise and guide you. If you are planning to invest money, if you simply want to have a basic savings or checking account, the professionals at Nexbank are available and ready to meet your needs. They have been rendering services to customers for years and are well versed in all aspects of banking and financial services.

Nexbank offers a variety of financial products and services, including investment advice and financial planning and can guide you properly. These financial experts have numerous satisfied customers and come highly recommended in the financial services arena.

Some people choose to keep all their accounts — savings, checking, credit cards, money market, certificates of deposit, loans and other financial products — at a single financial institution. Others spread out their finances or money to enjoy the best deal on fees and rates. Reputable advisors will evaluate your situation and ensure that you’re making the right choice or decision.

Having access to qualified advisors and a team of reputable banking professionals will certainly give you the confidence you need to proceed with your investment or money management goal. You will receive honest and reliable advice from trusted professionals.

A quick search online will reveal that Nexbank comes highly recommended. The bank has numerous positive reviews and feedback from those who are already using their services.


In Nick Vertucci’s words, one’s past has nothing to do with their future. In other words, the problems that one faces in life should not make them remain unsuccessful. Rather, they should beat the odds, pick themselves up and rise to the top. Although Nick Vertucci grew up in a happy family, they were not extremely well off and the story became worse when he lost his father at the tender age of ten years. The above made the mum work long hours to provide for the family as the sole breadwinner. Nick hardly met the mother as a kid because she would come later from work and find the kids asleep. At the age of 18 years, Nick moved out of home; he lived out of his van and his life was slow.

Dot Com Crash

Nevertheless, Nick Vertucci became more successful when he started selling computer parts. He loved his freedom as his own boss in comparison to working under people. Nick got married around that time and he and his wife were blessed with three beautiful daughters. However, things quickly turned for the worse when the dot com crash came in 2000. It was during this period that Nick Vertucci lost all his money and he had nothing saved for his future. The next 18 months were very hard as he hardly had anything to survive by and he dug himself deep in debts. Nick lost all that he had except his house.

Real Estate

Life turned around again when one of Nick’s friends invited him to a real estate retreat that would last for three days. Since Nick Vertucci had little or nothing to do with his time, he went for the retreat and that was the place he noticed that he could do real estate. He says that this was the best decision that he ever made in his life as it turned his life around. Although Nick admits that he did not understand all that was said by the speaker in the workshop, he felt a confirmation in his spirit that this was his way out of debts. He was Inspired and ready for the journey that lay ahead.

Success was not instant for Nick, he took ten years of training, studying, and absorbing all that he could learn about real estate. Nick says that he never gave up until he developed the best strategy of making money using real estate; Nick is now a millionaire.

Troy McQuagge has brought home gold in his role as CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc. He was named the Gold Winner as CEO of the Year in the noteworthy One Planet Awards. The awards program covers the globe and is open to all types of business. Non-profits, for-profits, government divisions and every size and scope of business are eligible to compete for these unique honors. One Planet Awards is the foremost organization which recognizes outstanding achievement in the business realm.

McQuagge began his tenure with USHEALTH in 2010 and immediately turned his attention to shoring up the performance of its captive distribution agency, USHEALTH Advisors. His efforts were successful and he was promoted in 2014 to be their President and CEO. His success has carried over to the whole company since then and USHEALTH Group, Inc. has flourished in the highly competitive individual health insurance market. Growth and profitability have substantially increased under his leadership.

The chance to be recognized and honored by the industry and peers was a highlight of McQaugge’s career to this point. He was quick to praise and redirect the award to the company and its employees. He noted the company’s strong commitment to helping make inroads in the health care affordability issue.

One Planet Awards honor those who display business and professional excellence in the course of their duties. They are global in nature and provide awards in a wide range of categories.

With over 30 years of experience in the insurance industry, Troy McQuagge has a wealth of knowledge and leadership skills. He started with Allstate in 1983 and has shown great ability ever since. He readily grasped the fundamentals of the insurance industry and now brings expertise to the sales and administrative side.

His time spent at United Insurance Companies Inc. (UICI) was a springboard for his later success at USHEALTH. In 1997, he was promoted to President of UGA which was the insurance agency of UICI. With Troy McQuagge at the helm, they were able to set several single-year sales records. McQuagge received a B.A. Degree from the University of Central Florida in 1983.

Marc Sparks has kept his office for Timber Creek Capital in the same location for more than a decade. He decided it was time for a change and relocated the office to a new location he feels is more optimized and conductive to startups. He believes to build a successful business you must have the right business model. Since his company hosts three other companies with a period for incubation he felt it was the right time to move the office. In his extensive experience as an entrepreneur Marc Sparks has learned how to succeed. He believes an important aspect is the work environment and that quality within a conductive atmosphere is critical.


Marc Sparks has spoken about the difference in efficiency workers will display between being housed in an old, dark warehouse and a bright office on 5th Avenue ( He correlates the success of his team with where his employees spend a good portion of their time. He does not believe corners should be cut since it will adversely affect the business. He feels failure can result from a poor environment in the workplace. He describes a special flow that is necessary to achieve output and collaboration and has used this approach in dozens of businesses.


Marc Sparks has recounted his experiences in his book titled They Can’t Eat You. In his book, he describes his interpretation of entrepreneurship and what it takes to succeed in the real world. His 35 years of experience clearly come through within the pages as he explains the necessary stages to make a business sustainable. His advice, mentorship, and resources have been responsible for the success of numerous entrepreneurs. He has a deep-rooted passion to help entrepreneurs with all the resources in his reach and tries to help prevent any devastation for those new and inexperienced in the field.


Marc Sparks uses everything he has in his lengthy career including a strong faith, a precise focus, a never-ending sense of urgency, and meticulous monetization. He attributes his success at mentoring to these very qualities. He has seen every possible type of failure and success and is highly qualified to build the perfect business model for an entrepreneur’s unique ideas. Many entrepreneurs speak of their successes and Timber Creek Capital with reverence. Marc Sparks has taken many roads in his life. They have led to philanthropy, becoming a published author, and the viability of numerous charities. He lives his life with a passion and a zeal that are rare but always push him forward. The reputation he has built for his expertise and compassion for animals and individuals in unfortunate situations continues to follow him in his career. He is a man to look up to, respect, and admire for his choices.


Recently, stock options have become rifer in business utilization as a way of incentivizing workers with compensation tied to the performance of the entity. Generally, options present a profoundly stronger appeal to both the employee and their employer or the management of a firm. The principle pushing forward this mode of compensation is easy and straightforward to comprehend and execute as explained by law expert Jeremy Goldstein.


As the profitability state of business increases, the increase in the entity’s value is portrayed by higher stock prices above and beyond what it was previously when the workers were assigned to their options price. This serves as an incentive to the employee to work smart to ameliorate the success of the business. Nevertheless, in actual practice workers have had suspicions of stock options which are directly linked to the value of the firm and that can also be manipulated by the performance of the stock market which is seemingly not in their control or even that of the enterprise’s management.


Better benefits and higher wages are termed as more attractive and incentivizing to employees who have experienced the sting of stock options which expire worthlessly. Due to the stringent, complicated IRS regulations, which govern compensation based on equity offering shares to workers is not a feasible alternative. Another roadblock to the management arises from the perceptions of the outsider shareholder who disclose themselves to options overhang as a result of insider options which cannot be exercised as their strike price is higher than the market value of the equity.


However, according to Jeremy Goldstein, the knockout barrier option offers a better, attractive way to deal with these situations. Possessing similar exercise time frames and vesting requirements as the traditional stock options, the knockout barrier option brings in the ability to set a fixed expiration linked to the price of the equity. This makes the option attractive in such situations as $100 options, where the price has been, say $50 or even lower for a period. With the knockout barrier options, marketplace investors enjoy the part of not dealing with the overhang threat from the insiders holding onto options that they can never exercise.


Jeremy Goldstein possesses over a decade and half of extensive experience in business law. After working with a law firm, he established a law firm in New York. His role is seemingly significant in crucial transactions for major firms including such top companies as Bank One, Verizon, AT&T, Merck, Duke Energy and Chevron among others.


Jeremy Goldstein serves as a board director at the Fountain House. Prior to founding Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC, Jeremy Goldstein worked with several other reputed law firms. He holds various critical specialties within the law which include corporate governance matters, handling sensitive business issues, as well as offering legal advice business teams, compensation committees and CEOs.


Follow Jeremy Goldstein on twitter.

Sadly, new ailments seem to emerge, owing its eminent “success” to human lifestyles we practice every day. Lucky enough for us, the medical world is advancing every second with new invention son cure and other preventions being made day by day. Medical practitioners globally have also strived hard to ensure that people live disease-free lives.

One such doctor is Dr. Imran Haque, who specializes in internal medicine. The doctor is currently based in North Carolina, United States. He boasts of a fifteen-year experience in the internal medicine industry. Described as a highly professional and well respected, Dr. Imran has assisted very many residents of North Carolina thus gaining a niche for himself. He is also a member in the Maintenance of Certification Program for Internal Medicine.Due to the rising demand for his services and excellent recommendations, Dr. Imran decided to start up offices, where his patients could easily locate him for assistance. He has two offices in Asheboro and Ramseur, with his main being in Asheboro. The name of the facility he operates is Horizontal Internal Medicine. The facility has a team of highly qualified personnel who have dedicated their lives to attend to all internal medicine patients in the entire North Carolina. It has strengthened its niche and boasts of being a market leader in treatments and internal medicine consultancy. This has made the facility gain a positive response in North Carolina and the world over. With Dr. Imran as the primary doctor at the facility, Horizon Internal Medicine has become a one stop shop for quite some people in Ramseur and Asheboro. Dr. Imran’s work is to diagnose internal illnesses, make tests and offer referrals to other medical specialists who can assist. Some of the illnesses he is trained to diagnose are; Glaucoma, Pneumonia, and Diabetes among many other internal diseases.

Dr. Imran is quite the professional, having obtained his degree in medicine from the Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE) and after that attending the University of Virginia Internal Medicine Roanoke-Salem program, where he identified and decided to specialize in internal medicine. He is a certified doctor and legally operates in North Carolina, where his name and practice are known in equal measure.


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