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If there is one thing that is crucial to success, it is avoiding mistakes that are highly avoidable. One such mistake is in the mind. It is very tempting when going on a journey to start looking for short cuts. It is understandable that the idea of getting rich quickly or succeeding really fast is a desirable idea. At the same time, the more knowledgeable people understand that this goal is all but impossible. Yet many people tend to fall into that trap only to find themselves in a much worse position. Fortunately, there is one successful person people can learn from. His name is Adam Milstein.

Adam Milsteinis willing to admit that he has falling into the trap in wanting fast success. However, he has quickly learned that success is not going to come really quick. He has also learned that true success is a slow and on going process. This mindset has changed the way he has approached his business and his career. Therefore, he has begun to enjoy the journey and has even taken a more proactive approach to his work. This has brought forth greater creativity on his part in order to come up with greater solutions for his business and his community.

Perhaps his greatest success that has come from his career is his foundations that he has put up in order to help his Jewish people. For one thing, people who are very influential are also people that are more accessible. People that take the time to connect with others and listen to them are more likely to reach them. Adam Milstein has shown that he has a heart for people from all walks of life. This is one of the reasons that he is willing to share his journey. If he can reach one person, then he is successful.

Rudy Guiliani may no longer be the mayor of New York City, but he is still in the news. Guiliani is probably not too thrilled about recent news reports regarding the content management system of a website he publishes. For most public figures, this really would not be a big deal. The trouble for Guiliani is he has been recently tapped to work as President Trump’s cybersecurity adviser. The ex-mayor’s website is really easy to hack considered the ancient system currently in place.


In fairness, Guiliani’s website is designed for a private business. The web systems connected to government offices and facilities are surely using highly-sophisticated programming and security systems. Still, the reports about Guiliani’s website is a bit of a public relations embarrassment.


A bit of bright news emerges from the tale of the aged, outdated website system. A few people reading the news may be waking up to the fact their own websites are susceptible to hacking and intrusions.


Coming across a web security story featuring a high-profile public figure such as Rudy Guiliani should give some pause for thought. And don’t pause for long. Take immediate steps to correct any dangerous security flaws that might exist.


Entrepreneurs who publish a business website may very well let the operation of the site shift to autopilot. In other words, they just let things go as they have always gone. Upgrades, changes, and alterations are not made. Things seems to be working well. Why make a change? As the saying goes, “Things go quite well until they don’t.”


Just because a security intrusion has not occurred in the past does not mean that one won’t occur soon. One reason the security breach did not take place previously could be the fact vulnerabilities in the website did not exist previously. As things become outdated, vulnerabilities increase.


Stephen Rotella is the President of StoneCastle Partners LLC. After concluding his service at J. P. Morgan in October 2008, he took up the position as the CEO of StoneCastle Cash Management sector which he currently serves as well. He became the President of StoneCastle Partners LLC. in January 2014. During this period in 2015, he also gained membership in the organization, The National Association of Corporate Directors. Rotella shares profound concern over societal issues for which he has been volunteering since the year of 2002.

The Contribution of Stephen Rotella at StoneCastle

It was announced on the 1st February of 2017, that Stephen Rotella had successfully expanded StoneCastle Cash Management LLC. Rotella had led an acquisition of insured deposit business of the Intermedium Financial LLC. The acquisition had specifically developed the subsidiary branch of StoneCastle Cash Management LLC. known as StoneCastle Insured Cash Sweep LLC.

StoneCastle is a foremost establishment administering insured cash solutions to several reputed global and domestic wealth managers, financial institutions, intermediaries, and administrators. This enterprise is acclaimed for providing regular cash sweep solutions through high-performance, technological platforms that assure their availability to RIAs, brokerages, and trusts. Intermedium Financial is a company engaged in providing financial services with unique specialized features of propriety software solutions and insured sweep technology. Through the acquisition, StoneCastle was able to acquire Intermedium Financial’s InterLINKTM FinTech platform and associated properties. According to Stephen Rotella, this transaction is expected to secure and further fortify StoneCastle’s leading position within the industry. He believed that this acquisition would help his company attract additional market segments of consumers within the industry. Rotella supported his belief with the mention of the InterLINK platform adding superior value and reliability to their services and their deposit capacity. The Lead Director of Intermedium Financial, John Marshall, expressed his pleasure for being able to find the right owner for his company’s esteemed sweep business and the unique FinTech platform.

Stephen Rotella’s Involvement in Philanthropic Endeavors

The major causes that Stephen Rotella supports include children’s welfare, social action and civil rights, politics, social services and the environment. Additionally, he supported another important cause, arts, and culture with voluntary roles as a Board Member from 2000 to 2002 for The Papermill, as the Chair of the Board for six years from 1992 at the BalletMet and as the Board Member for two years from 2006 at the ArtsFund. To support economic empowerment, he fulfilled the voluntary position as a Board Member from 2006 to 2008 at YouthCare Seattle. Simultaneously throughout those years, he also served as a Board Member at the Seattle Foundation. Currently, Stephen Rotella is the Chair of the Board at LIFT Incorporation supporting the social cause to alleviate poverty. The CEO and Co-Founder of LIFT, Kirsten Lodal was thrilled to present this position to Rotella in 2012 as she believed that LIFT would perform supremely with Rotella’s superior business acumen, ultimate leadership, and philanthropic passion.


In a show of good faith to their customers, Microsoft has launched a new privacy dashboard that allows the reviewing of personal data collected by the company. In addition, this move comes with some key changes to the Windows 10 privacy policy. The move comes in response to a wash of complaints by users wanting to have more control over what info they’re giving to the company.


Not just for show, the new dashboard also allows full control over what data is being collected. This includes information like your location, search history, browsing details, and Cortana history. This dashboard is web-based and can be accessed by logging in to Microsoft’s privacy page with your Microsoft account.


They also announced changes to Windows 10’s privacy policy, announcing an array of new privacy control tools built in to the OS that will release as a part of the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update. Microsoft claims that these changes will make the OS more secure than it ever has been and will give users easy control over their personal information and what information is collected by Microsoft. Overall data collected will be reduced by default as well, requiring no user input to change the settings. This is good news for the elderly or not-so computer savvy users.


“We have made this new set up experience voice-capable providing greater accessibility for customers…As you make your choices in the new set up experience, we’ll share additional information about what impact each choice will have on your Windows experience,” reported Terry Myerson, Executive Vice President, Windows and Devices Group.


The data collection will default to the Basic level, giving information necessary only for the necessary operations of Windows, according to the company. There is also a Full option, which is similar to how Microsoft currently collects data. Users can customize individual settings as they’d like. Existing Windows 10 users will be presented prompts as necessary to allow users to choose their privacy settings. New upgrades from Windows 8 or earlier will be presented the settings options before exiting the setup.

JMH Development is a real estate development company known for its high-end development plan. For the company, nothing delights hem than working towards reaching the topping off of any development project bestowed upon their trust. For his reason, it has also received numerous awards in this line of project development in New York and other parts of the world. JMH Development has worked to earn more than enough experience in the development of luxury and commercial properties in the line of real estate development in the heart of Brooklyn. For more than two decades of professional experience, the company has worked to fulfill the state-of-the-art properties in a manner that does not depict market structure.

Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern

The company has also announced that they have reached the topping of the Southern Aloft Beach. This is one of the most adaptive reconstructions of the Aloft South Beach in the heart of Miami Beach. The building marks the construction of more than 235-rooms that is scheduled to be open by the end of 2015. Jason Halpern is the leader of the company. While he has led the company in securing and working towards completing the project, he is also the owner o the company. For the company, nothing thrills them more than reaching and exceeding the development of any of their projects. For this reason, hey always work towards exceeding the expectations of their clients. In most cases, they normally work to attain the full accreditation of their clients.

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen

The construction project was awarded to JMH Development. However, they sought of incorporate other companies to aid them in the construction process. While they knew they would attain its construction, they knew they might take more time than required. For this reason, they sought to exceed the time limit set by their clients. Therefore, they went on and sub-contracted the services of the Miami-based Madden Properties Construction Company to assist JMH Development in the development process o the project. While they contracted the company, JMH Development also went on and sub-contracted the Plaza Construction Company to aid it in the real construction process o the company. As a matter of fact, no one knows how to use the construction capability.


ADD Construction Company was also sub-contracted to ensure that all the construction and development process of the company was keeping up with the trend in the development phases. For this reason, one would think that these structures were attaining high-end capabilities in a manner that does not depict market value. For the construction process to be complete, hey worked hand-in-hand and attained the topping off of the South Aloft Beach. According to JMH Development, they don’t view this as a major achievement. They are viewing this as part of their development structure.


Google has announced a beta version of a new Cloud Key Management System (KMS) they’ve been working on, which will serve to supplement their server-side encryption and customer-controlled on-premise key management tools for Google’s Cloud Platform.


Cloud KMS allows Google customers to manage symmetric encryption keys in the cloud. These keys allow AES256 encryption and decryption in Galois / Counter mode. Customers can freely create, use, rotate, and destroy these symmetric encryption keys. This process can also be automated, setting a rotation schedule to automatically create a new version of the key at a specified time interval.


“As an alternative to custom-built or ad-hoc key management systems, which are difficult to scale and maintain,” stated Google product manager Maya Kaczorowski in a blog post, “Cloud KMS makes it easy to keep your keys safe.”


The new Cloud KMS will integrate with Google’s existing IAM and Cloud Audit Logging so that customers can manage and monitor key permissions and usage. The service is seen to be a good solution for highly regulated industries due to the ease of monitoring and reported security.


Google will reportedly bill users based on the number of keys being managed at $0.06 per active key version per month as well as usage frequency ($0.03 per key use per 10,000 operations).


This announcement is clearly an attempt for Google to make its Cloud Platform more attractive to the enterprise market, a market that they haven’t really done a great job at targeting in the past. It seems that they’ve decided it’s time to try to get a hand in this market as well, a decision which could prove very lucrative for them.

There is a new strain of the Ploutus ATM malware that has been spotted by security researchers at FireEye. This new variant, called Ploutus-D, only currently targets ATMs manufactured by Diebold, but this could expand quite easily. FireEye researchers warn that just a few simple code changes could make this malware effective on ATMs manufactured by 40 different vendors in 80 countries.


The purpose of the malware is to empty an ATM without the need for an ATM card. Compared to previous versions of the malware, Ploutus-D has upgraded the cash-dispensing component of the malware to make it even more threatening and has secured the software package with Reactor, making it exceedingly difficult for security researchers to reverse-engineer it and develop preventative measures.


The installation installs legit KAL ATM software alongside the exploit, ensuring that the software versions match those needed for the exploit to work. This reveals some information about the authors of the malware because it means that they have access to this software, either through resellers, stealing ATMs, or perhaps being a company insider.


This malware runs on ATMs operating on all modern versions of Microsoft’s Windows operating system. It can be run straight as a stand-alone app or booted as a Windows service started by a launcher. Hackers use a GUI to enter a set of commands and an 8-digit code generated based on the ATM’s unique ID and the current time of the attack. Once everything is authorized, a simple “F3” keypress will dispense the money.


This malware package is likely to keep security professionals on their toes, as reverse-engineering of this malware will need to be completed as quickly as possible to prevent a potential chain of ATM heists. While there is some risk of the hacker being caught by cameras while the money dispenses, the operation can carry out in minutes, so it’s likely that law-enforcement professionals would not have the time to respond even if an exploit was detected.

Yahoo recently announced that it had been hacked back in August 2013 and that the breach affected over 1 billion accounts. It has had two of the largest breaches in history, the second one having happened in 2014 and affecting about 500 million accounts. However, it assured its customers that no bank account information or any other sensitive information was compromised. The breach has had a huge impact on the company’s performance ever since, its shares having dropped by 2.4% to $39.91.


Investors were very disappointed and some even threatened to withdraw from lucrative deals with Yahoo that were just about to be closed. One of these was Verizon Communication, which had an agreement with Yahoo to buy the company’s core internet business for $4.83 billion. After the first breach, the company started having doubts about the investment it was about to make. A representative of the company said they would assess the impact of the breach that Yahoo just uncovered and then decide whether they would carry on with the deal. However, Yahoo is confident that the breach will not change anything and that Verizon will still buy its core internet business.


Following the breach, all Yahoo customers were required to change their passwords. The customers were greatly disappointed in Yahoo and said that it needs to review its security measures for their safety. If bank account information had been compromised, millions of people would have lost money and that would result in serious action against Yahoo.


Yahoo is struggling to keep up with its competitors such as Facebook and Google and the hacking incidents have been a major setback to the company. Customers are losing trust in the company and this is likely to have a huge impact on Yahoo’s financial performance. For it to remain relevant in the very competitive industry, it needs to, at the very least, protect its customers’ information.

As a website owner, you want to deliver a secure and beneficial experience to your visitors. If you’ve been the victim of hacking, it is eminent that you need better security implemented onto your website’s pages. Not only does this fully protect you, but it protects the sensitive information that clients may be sharing with you when buying online.


It is important that you keep all of your software updated on the website to prevent hacking. Older versions of software will often experience security problems, delays and malfunctions, further compromising your website and leading to a hole where hackers can get into. Oftentimes, software programs will offer automatic updates so that you don’t even need to think about doing it manually, but you will still need to check to see if anything needs to be updated when it hasn’t already done so. A web application firewall adds another layer of security onto your website, and this will protect against spam, cross scripting, hacking and SQL injections. Cloud technology has recently been integrated into web application firewalls, making it even easier for the website owner to stay protected.


Even if you don’t own a website and just have multiple accounts online, you need to use strong passwords that are changed regularly. Having a strong password means the use of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters. This provides you with a strong password that is difficult for bots and hackers to decode, enabling you to safeguard your website even further. You should also change your password frequently to prevent the password from eventually being found-out.


If you constantly go through life assuming that hacking and identity theft won’t happen to you, you will be surprised to know how common it actually is and how easy it is for you to fall victim (source). Protecting your website and safeguarding it from hackers is the first step to being a successful business owner.


There was a time when a person who wanted to work in the field of modeling had to pack their bags and move to New York or Los Angeles. The Brown Modeling Agency has changed that for the aspiring models of Austin. Today, with the help of the agency, it’s possible to find well-paying modeling gigs in and around Austin.

How It All Began

Brown Modeling Agency was started by Justin Brown, an experienced model from the Los Angeles area. He grew up in a small town in California but after high school, he migrated to southern California for college. He began modeling when he was in college and said, “I made $100 an hour. That’s a lot better than the $6 an hour I made at the golf course washing carts.”

He quickly wanted to know more about the business side of the modeling field and he landed a job as a development and placement specialist. He trained future models and found steady work for them.

The Move To Austin

Justin visited Austin and fell in love with the town. He moved here in 2005 and began his own agency. He is very happy with the amount of talent Austin has to offer and loves the feel and vibe of the city. He handles models who have worked with Louis Vuitton, Dell, Toyota, and L’Oreal. His models have also appeared at prestigious fashion shows like Miami Swim Week, Austin Fashion Week, and New York Fashion Week.

Justin is selective of the models he represents saying, “We are only as good as our talent.”

Modeling and fashion is a fast-paced business and requires models to work for their success. His Facebook page lists jobs as needed because at times he needs to fill jobs quickly. There are fees for his services, but the business is subject to oversight by the Texas Workforce Commission. He hosts open talents calls for aspiring models and they don’t need to have experience, he welcomes beginning and experienced models.


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