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Tammy Mazzocco as an effective real estate agent has developed many real estate building in several towns including Central Ohio, Licking ad Franklin and also Delaware. When she began she served as the secretary at The Edwards Realty Organization and then went to Scotland Yard and Condominiums for over seven years which made him become a professional real estate agent. As part of her career she developed many companies and also served in a lot of organization. You can visit linkedin.

Tammy Mazzocco as the day passes she always makes sure that she completes her daily duties hence making her have adequate competence. She also urges real estate entrepreneurs to always invent new methods in the industry and always stay keen on the market trend in order to be alert whenever any challenges occur therefore enabling them to deal with problems effectively hence developing their business. See more:

The interest that she had in real estate business boosted her in constructing numerous buildings, she is also happy with the communication platform she always uses of face to face with his clients because it makes him attain a lot of income and also it guarantees confidence in the customers to her. Her accomplishment is because of her making goals then working on them to get positive outcomes. Learn more about Mazzocco on

Tammy Mazzocco always tells entrepreneurs to put the client’s priority first because that’s what matters a lot and the clients will always come back for your services and even the outcome of the deal does not really matter most what matters is attending to clients fully and make their needs adequately reached.. Hence, making you accomplish more in terms of profits and it also strength the good relationship between your customers and you too.

Tammy Mazzocco in terms of handling her business and method used to approach customers made her accomplish and also developed companies such as and Zillow. She also uses a unique website that is named Follow Up Boss that is very effective so that he can always communicate with her customers therefore making her so happy and grateful to be able to reach customers each day.

Check out her tumblr,

Kabbalah Centre, founded in 1922, is a centre aimed at teaching Kabbalistic principles, not for scholarly agenda but to enlighten individuals about the spiritual universe. The Centre receives students from all over the world who desires to have their religious status aligned with divinities will. The centre works to improve the living status of individuals by introducing them to the real teachings on how to control the soul. The lessons are offered both online and physically through books and other print media.

Kabbalah centre teaches the Klippot concept, which shows that every human being is connected to metaphysical- spiritual world that is not bounded by God but the spiritual energy and can not get into the physical body because Klippot restricts it. For one to be able to understand the Kabbalah principles one has to believe in astrology because the Kabbalist belief is that cosmic forces affect everything in the world. To understand the concepts better, one has to submit himself fully.

Sex is another integral part of Kabbalah. Yehuda Berg, a former teacher at this Centre, recommended that men desist from masturbation since semen generated without loving orientations does not serve its purpose. He championed against man orgasming before the woman as is an act of selfishness. Kabbalistic principles teach that power should not be absorbed from below but from above.The same principle states that a man should be on top during sex as otherwise would make the woman draw the power from below during orgasm, which is against the teachings.Kabbalah believes that the satisfaction is derived on sex after proper preparation of both parties.

The HVAC company, Goettl Air Conditioning is continuing its expansion in the Las Vegas metro area with two new acquisitions. The latest companies to be acquired by Goettl include Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air. With these two new acquisitions, Goettl has gained 20 new employees and an even stronger grip on the residential HVAC market of Las Vegas.

Goettl also states that it plans to acquire even more HVAC companies in the future. The two recent acquisitions are also not the first companies the firm has already acquired in the Las Vegas region. Paradise Air serviced mostly rental homes in the Las Vegas area. Goettl will now be taking over the clients and rental home base of Paradise Air. Las Vegas Air mostly serviced residential homes, and their client base will now be added to Goettl’s.

The manager of Las Vegas Air, Stephen Gamst, says that he looks forward to working with Ken Goodrich of Goettl Air Conditioning. He states that he has known Mr. Goodrich for many years and that he has no doubt that Las Vegas Air customers and employees are in good hands. Gamst also said that the merger will be beneficial for his employees and the local market. One of these benefits includes now being able to offer plumbing services in addition HVAC installation and repair. Goettl Air Conditioning recently acquired the Sunny Plumber, a major plumbing company with a presence in the Las Vegas area.

Goettl is now also going to serve the commercial sector thanks to the recent acquisition of other HVAC companies such as Las Vegas Air and Paradise air. The company will now begin to service multi-family units and strip malls that were serviced by the firms it has acquired. After leaving in 2008, due to the economic downfall, Goettl is now back and is stronger than ever in its presence in the Las Vegas market.


Gone are the days when options in business are scarce and exploitation was the order of the day. We are now in the age of innovations, inventions and creativity. People are coming out of their shells to put up outstanding inventions in almost every field of human endeavor. We, in the world of finance are not left behind, the likes of Al Christy, Jr., is doing us proud. When he started Equities First Holdings, very few people believe in his convictions, but today he has been able to grow an organization worth celebrating.

We are not celebrating EFH because it is spreading around the globe at an alarming speed having started operation in Indiana, but that the company is saving many businesses at the point of folding up. Many great minds have been able to actualize their dreams by reason of the good works of EFH.

One of these good works is making available to all and sundry stocks-based loans. It makes no difference if you do not have huge assets like precious objects, mansions, expensive cars and the likes. All you need provide as collateral is some amount of stocks or shares, something not far-fetched for most people.Visit

Stocks-based loans have one of the lowest interest rates around. That is not all. The interest is fixed, so you are not at sea wondering how much interest you are expected to pay the next time you need a loan. Usually the rate does not exceed 4 percent; sometimes, you pay less. It may look unbelievable, but it is real. A trial will convince you. Read Business Wired news for EFH.

In addition, the loans come with a non-recourse feature. This simply means that in the event you could not pay back, you forfeit nothing else but the stocks or shares serving as collateral. Some other type of loans will require you to pay back even with your private properties, but that is not the case with stocks-based loans from EFH

There is still a whole lot of advantages attach to stocks-based loans from EFH. The above is just the tip of the ice-bag.


Patty Rocklage is a professional family and marriage therapist. She has been in the therapy field for over two decades. She resides in Sudbury City, Massachusetts and is well-known in that area. Patty has helped a lot of couples, families and even individual mend their issues and ultimately strengthen their relationships and mental health.

Education and Philanthropy

Patty graduated from the University of California in 1981. Her husband is Dr. Scott Rocklage who is the managing partner of 5AM Ventures and hold a Ph.D. in chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT). Patty and her husband assisted MIT in the renovation of their nanotechnology and nanochemistry lab.

This gesture was a show of gratitude to MIT for laying the foundation to Scott’s professional career. MIT was happy with this, and they paid tribute to the two. The institution also put up a plaque to honor Scott and Patty. Professor Bawendi and a few students even gave the two a tour around the facility.

Patty Rocklage is also actively involved with the Sudanese Education Fund (SEF). This organization’s mission is to help stabilize employment, education and financial stability of the Southern Sudanese people who reside in Massachusetts. SEF has assisted the Southern Sudanese folk increase productivity in the global arena.


Patty’s main strengths are her warm personality and her friendliness. This makes her clients comfortable when talking to her. Thus, Patty does not break a sweat when she is trying to find the underlying problems that individuals face. Rocklage has a unique way of communicating to people, and this increases the effectiveness and efficiency of her therapy sessions. Patty does not disclose any information that is shared with her during her therapy sessions. Her extensive training in therapy helps her know what and what not to talk about during her therapy sessions. She has a broad range of skills in other fields such as team building, teaching, public speaking, and community outreach.

Renovation of their house

Patty and Scott recently renovated their house. The reason behind this was that they needed to restructure their main kitchen which bordered two sitting rooms. The project took six months.

Tammy Mazzocco is one of the wealthy real estate agents, she purchases real estate in several towns such as Licking ad Franklin, Delaware and Central Ohio. When she began in the real estate job she was a secretary in The Edwards Realty Organization. Then she left the job to Scotland Yard Condominiums which she served for seven years. She was later on given the certificate of a real estate agent, furthermore with her expertise and experience made her work with numerous firms therefore leading to her known all over because of her great job.

Tammy Mazzocco success does not come as a surprise because she had the aspiration for the real estate business. Her daily routine each day is always starting with the obvious duty. She also has a lot of concepts of life which is exploring and having business strategies that help him simplify the view of the concept.

Because of her knowing the objective and working through them so that the results can be obtained is one of the reasons she succeeded. What mostly boosted her is the situation of being able to reach his partners on face to face platform hence makes her create more profit.

Tammy Mazzocco ( also counsels entrepreneurs who require attaining more to always put their clients’ needs first and also giving them all the attention because the business is not important but the needs of the clients are the ones which are important.

Tammy Mazzocco business techniques have contributed to the improvement of her business hence making him linking with the best organization including and Zillow. The firm has mostly supported the development of business. She also highlights on customer service as the other method because she constantly connects with her clients easily. She uses website which is effective to reach her customers.

For more info, check out her social pages on Twitter and Facebook.

Clean and healthy hair is a big deal in almost any society. Everyone wants their hair to cooperate and as damage free as possible. With all the products out there for your hair, it can be difficult to choose one without knowing how good it actually works. Chaz Dean, a cosmetologist out of Los Angeles, created his Wen hairline products to satisfy all hair needs.

Originally Chaz Dean had a passion for photography and the looks you could create . He ended up enrolling into cosmetology school with a new found passion, and began to work in a beauty salon. The salon recognized his talent quickly, and it was not long before he was at the top of management. Shortly afterwards, he took over the salon and recreated not just the name, but the integrity of the products. This is where Chaz Dean developed and enhanced the Wen product line.

Wen Cleansing Conditioner is very unique for numerous reasons. Normally an individual would need to buy shampoo, conditioner, and various styling products. Instead of all of these different bottles and brands, it is all condensed into the one bottle of Wen Cleansing Conditioner. It cleans just like a shampoo, softens like a conditioner, and provides relaxation and body like a styling product. It is a natural product with a wonderful sweet almond mint scent. You never have to worry about your hair getting to dry or too greasy with this product. The Wen Cleansing Conditioner is so well balanced, it meets the needs of many individuals with all different hair types. Finally, the ingredients are simple and you do not have to guess what chemicals you are putting in your hair. This product contains 5 simple nourishing ingredients that are ready to rejuvenate and bring your hair back to life and style.

Find more information about WEN hair:

Cloudflare is a United States-based company that provides Internet security and enhances website performance of the websites associated with it. The company has recently been faced with a security breach when a bug caused portions of data to leak from its customers’ websites.


An investigation by the name Cloudbleed has been launched to get to the bottom of the leakage. Cloudbleed has revealed that the company was subjected to the leak between September 22nd and February 18th due to their latest HTML parser that was introduced in September.


It has proven difficult to trace the steps of Cloudbleed due to the nature of the bug. The breach caused random chunks of data from various customer websites to leak, unlike a usual breach which would subject only data from a particular site to the leakage.


Various search engines such as Google and Yahoo naturally cached the leaked data and have since been working with Cloudflare to erase the sensitive information from their caches. Despite most of the data leaked originating from Cloudflare headers, there has been an assumption that half of the leaks had cookies which would make it possible for an attacker to access a user account even without their password.


Since an intruder is unable to control results requested from a page most of the information obtained would be junk, however, the intruder might be able to collect useful information with time. Cloudflare programmers are observing their logs to monitor unusual requests and also those that are originating from a similar IP address to determine whether the bug is being exploited.


A probability report from Cloudflare indicates that sites receiving more requests are more vulnerable to attack compared to sites with fewer requests. Customers have also been advised to reset their passwords.

Kabbalah Centre deals with the study of ancient Jewish mysticism. Many Hollywood stars like Madonna, Paris Hilton, the late Marilyn Monroe, Britney Spears as well as Sammy Davis expressed a huge interest in Jewish kabbalah. The question on everyone’s lips is why would famous celebrities be so interested in Jewish kabbalah? Yet they are not born Jews? These celebrities practice the Jewish mysticism routinely and some have converted to Judaism as a result.

Sandra Bernhard for instance confessed to LA times that the mysticism eliminated 80 percent of chaos in her life. This was concurred by Paris Hilton who agreed with Sandra’s sentiments when talking to Britain’s More Magazine. She elaborated that after she split with Nick Carter Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles helped her cope. After she shared her story with everyone, she received a new kabbalah bracelet and she still goes there regularly.

Several celebrity students attending Kabbalah Centre feel the same way. According to the website posts on Kabbalah Centre, kabbalah is an ancient wisdom giving practical tools for creating lasting fulfillment and joy. It changes the way a person looks at life and the world. It is considered as the soul of the Torah that teaches deep insight on interaction of God with the world and His purpose for creation.

kabbalah offers a comprehensive plan, structure and detailed understanding of the universe and the particulars of one’s life. Some Hollywood celebrities were drawn to Kabbalah Centre to simply be part of the 5,000-year-old history like Sammy Davis.

The celebrities confessed that kabbalah gives them the inner strength to cope with oppression and turn the other cheek. They see the great oppression overcome by Judaism and motivation to be able to conquer their own struggles. Majority of them believe that Judaism is held together by spiritual peace and honesty something they found lacking in their lives.

One of the main teachings of kabbalah is that people are put in this world for a reason and to help others. Madonna for instance believes everyone has to figure out their roles and how they can help fulfill it. She is currently working to spread the message of kabbalah throughout the world.

March 9th, 2017 Updates:
Looks as though Jim Hunt has started a blog through VTA Publications. They’re providing insight for investors that haven’t tried stock trading yet, but are curious about the process. There are a few really good posts up at One stand out from Jim and VTA personally “Investments Options And Tips For Beginners” is especially worth checking out.

The Internet has made it easy for people to access information. In addition, the internet has revolutionized how people can learn critical life skills. With the advancement of technology, it has become easy for people to work from remote locations. One of the companies that uses advanced technology platform to provide long distance learning courses is VTA Publications.

 VTA was founded in 2012. The company focuses on publishing non-fiction content. It distributes them to its customers throughout the world in the form of webinars or DVDS. Although the company publishes a wide variety of materials, its main area of expertise is providing learning content on finance and economics. The success of these products in the market has greatly contributed to the growth of the company.

With its wide customer base, the company has introduced a booking service. One can use the service to book seminars and events that may provide clients with life changing skills or experiences. The company organizes some of these workshops, which focus on improving the financial life of the participants. Individuals that cannot attend the events can access the content online or in physical forms as recorded by the company.

The services provided by VTA Publications serve three primary purposes. They help clients to plan for change, retirement or life. A customer can order for the learning contents that satisfies his or her utility. The company’s CEO, Jim Hunt, has been involved in various projects geared to market the company. The experienced trader is famed for his Wealth Wave and Make Mum A Millionaire programs. These ambitious products have increased the popularity of both the company.

About Jim Hunt

Jim Hunt is an experienced trader and executive living in the United Kingdom. He is VTA Publications’ CEO. He is renowned for creating Wealth Wave, a product designed to help the public make money from market crashes. This product aims at proving to the public that making money from the stock market is easy. In order to make profit from securities, one should be armed with the right trading skills. This information was originally reported on as explained in this link


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