Paul Mampilly Provides an Expert’s Analysis on Hot Stock Trends

Paul Mampilly has enjoyed the pinnacle of success with an enviable career on Wall Street where he expertly invested millions of dollars as a hedge fund manager. His latest endeavor seeks to help ordinary investors by providing them with an opportunity to access his stock-picking skills. Nearly two-thirds of Americans have their money in savings accounts which yield little in this age of low-interest rates. With the paltry returns that interest-bearing accounts are putting forth, many people are seeking alternatives to invest in.

With an expert’s skillset driving him, Mampilly suggests that new investors should focus on technology and innovation. One particular area of interest is the growing market for electric cars. The reduction in moving parts and lower maintenance costs are cited by him as reasons that more Americans are jettisoning the old-fashioned internal combustion engine for electric models. This could very well be the next lucrative area that investors should strongly consider.

Another trend that seems poised to take off is precision medicine which uses genetic testing to help doctors develop customized treatment plans for serious diseases like cancer. A comprehensive database of genetic information is being developed and can help physicians determine the best treatment options for each unique patient. Paul Mampilly’s advice for investors is to research companies that provide genetic testing, and learn more about Paul.

More than ever, Americans are seeking to eat healthier foods and restaurants that cater to this concept should do very well in going forward. Couple this new trend with delivery systems and you have a home run according to Mampilly. This type of innovation is helping to redefine society in the twenty-first century as it gives people the convenience of eating healthy meals in their own home.

Paul Mampilly has a stellar track record as an investor and he makes his talents available with several different newsletters each having a different market theme. He provides hedge-fund quality research to anyone who can pay a nominal fee for his market expertise and stock-picking skills. Customers buy his stock recommendations in their brokerage accounts and can avoid the substantial fees that a financial advisor would charge.

The career of Paul Mampilly has been characterized by success at every stop along the way. He managed millions for noted companies like Deutsche Bank, ING, and Kinetics International to name several.

Perhaps his most celebrated accomplishment was when he won the prestigious Templeton Foundation investing competition. His long-only strategy during the height of the Great Financial Crisis when the market was plunging makes his victory all the more remarkable, and

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