Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education is a California based charter school that opened in 2007. This charter school has gained national recognition due to its strong student test scores and a blended learning approach. It’s teaching model combines both traditional and computer-aided instruction. Accordingly, the school heavily depends on technology to sustain its excellent test scores as well as an expansion program targeting the entire country.

Rocketship education center is a nonprofit public elementary school network that serves students from low-income neighborhoods.

The program offers a transformative learning experience that not only caters to students but also engages parents, empowers teachers, and inspires communities. The very core of its teaching model comprises classroom instruction as well as outdoor extracurricular activities. As such, it predicates its education model on five fundamental principles: online learning, group instruction, team learning, targeted intervention, and small group instruction. It’s educators enjoy enormous flexibility in planning courses and outcomes to satisfy students’ needs.

Every Rocketship education center is guided by five core values. These values are persistence, responsibility, empathy, and respect with the fifth being variable and chosen by parents and teachers. Its core values fit in with the school’s mission of equipping students with essential skills while in school and their future. To achieve this goal, the school has created a positive, consistent, and predictable experience to help students develop social-emotional competence for success in the classroom and beyond. For example, social-emotional instruction is provided three times in a week. It’s teaching curricula are carefully developed and differentiated for students in lower and upper-grade classes. The Kimochis curriculum is employed for lower grade students based on five character attributes that allow students to depersonalize opportunities. Upper-grade students apply RULER for tracking their behavior, progress, and feelings in a mood journal.

Students enjoy a variety of activities geared towards enriching the learning experience such as foreign language instruction, physical exercise, and theater. Rocketship Education’s goal is to provide an education that equips students with the academic knowledge they require for the rest of their professional and academic lives. The school has programs that up to the fourth grade with a total population of 350 students in the 2016 – 2017 school year.


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