Rudy Guiliani’s Web Security Foible Leaves Lessons To Be Learned

Rudy Guiliani may no longer be the mayor of New York City, but he is still in the news. Guiliani is probably not too thrilled about recent news reports regarding the content management system of a website he publishes. For most public figures, this really would not be a big deal. The trouble for Guiliani is he has been recently tapped to work as President Trump’s cybersecurity adviser. The ex-mayor’s website is really easy to hack considered the ancient system currently in place.


In fairness, Guiliani’s website is designed for a private business. The web systems connected to government offices and facilities are surely using highly-sophisticated programming and security systems. Still, the reports about Guiliani’s website is a bit of a public relations embarrassment.


A bit of bright news emerges from the tale of the aged, outdated website system. A few people reading the news may be waking up to the fact their own websites are susceptible to hacking and intrusions.


Coming across a web security story featuring a high-profile public figure such as Rudy Guiliani should give some pause for thought. And don’t pause for long. Take immediate steps to correct any dangerous security flaws that might exist.


Entrepreneurs who publish a business website may very well let the operation of the site shift to autopilot. In other words, they just let things go as they have always gone. Upgrades, changes, and alterations are not made. Things seems to be working well. Why make a change? As the saying goes, “Things go quite well until they don’t.”


Just because a security intrusion has not occurred in the past does not mean that one won’t occur soon. One reason the security breach did not take place previously could be the fact vulnerabilities in the website did not exist previously. As things become outdated, vulnerabilities increase.


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