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Fortunately for everyone with a bank account, available dark web services plummeted and is know two-thirds of what it was one year ago. Hackers stealing valuable contact information and then selling it on the dark web is very much still a problem, with no change the fact thousands of identities are listed every day. Fortunately, we can engage in effective dental hygiene to lower the probability your information is stolen.


We all have various accounts on web pages and email logins, and using a separate password and login for each site will greatly raise digital security. Leaving passwords and logins the same across different websites makes users more risk averse in an all-or-nothing sweep: users with a varied portfolio of login information are less likely to lose control of all digital accounts. Find more about diversifying login information with password managers here.


Stay away from letting Internet browsers store credit card information such as CVV or expiration data. If a browser contains credit card information, any prying digital eyes are more likely to spy on credit card information input rather than those without.


Begin helping yourself stay safe online now by deleting cookies stored from your Internet browsers. Use secure sites with end-to-end encryption to increase safe transfer of personal, private information. Input credit card numbers online as little as possible. Using a number of credit cards — as long as you can afford them — with low balances is also a way of reducing financial risk.


Diversification of password and login information is a superb approach to lowering risk of identity theft or financial fraud. Many hackees’ information can be purchased illegally for as little as five dollars. Thousands of credit card numbers are bought illicitly on the dark web and used for expensive charges, often surpassing $2,500.


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