SpyNote RAT Masquerading as Netflix App

The SpyNote Trojan is one of the most effective trojans currently running rampant across the Android platform. Now, it’s gone a step further in a new version which tricks Android users into thinking it’s a Netflix app.


This is a new release of a trojan uncovered last summer by Palo Alto Networks on the dark web. This most recent iteration was discovered by Zscaler’s ThreatLabZ.


When installed, the trojan gives remote control of your device to the hacker. When launched, the icon disappears from your launcher and contacts its control center. It also makes short work of any antivirus applications, making sure they are uninstalled immediately. Commands can then be executed by the attacker, a feature that is particularly scary as it allows them to steal any information they want from your device.


Hackers can, for instance, conduct surveillance, capture passwords, record conversations, take screen captures, and more. SMS messages and contacts can also be stolen directly, and just to rub salt in the wound, it can capture your location as well.


The new app is reportedly not out in the wild yet, news that is very good for Android users everywhere. Security experts warn that the primary way these infected apps are spread is through third-party app stores, so users should take caution and not download apps from any sources other than the official Google Play store. To take extra caution, make sure the “install from unknown sources” option is turned off in your device’s settings menu, which will prevent you from intentionally or accidentally installing an infected app from any third-party source.


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