Stephen Rotella’s Contribution in the World of Business and Philanthropy

Stephen Rotella is the President of StoneCastle Partners LLC. After concluding his service at J. P. Morgan in October 2008, he took up the position as the CEO of StoneCastle Cash Management sector which he currently serves as well. He became the President of StoneCastle Partners LLC. in January 2014. During this period in 2015, he also gained membership in the organization, The National Association of Corporate Directors. Rotella shares profound concern over societal issues for which he has been volunteering since the year of 2002.

The Contribution of Stephen Rotella at StoneCastle

It was announced on the 1st February of 2017, that Stephen Rotella had successfully expanded StoneCastle Cash Management LLC. Rotella had led an acquisition of insured deposit business of the Intermedium Financial LLC. The acquisition had specifically developed the subsidiary branch of StoneCastle Cash Management LLC. known as StoneCastle Insured Cash Sweep LLC.

StoneCastle is a foremost establishment administering insured cash solutions to several reputed global and domestic wealth managers, financial institutions, intermediaries, and administrators. This enterprise is acclaimed for providing regular cash sweep solutions through high-performance, technological platforms that assure their availability to RIAs, brokerages, and trusts. Intermedium Financial is a company engaged in providing financial services with unique specialized features of propriety software solutions and insured sweep technology. Through the acquisition, StoneCastle was able to acquire Intermedium Financial’s InterLINKTM FinTech platform and associated properties. According to Stephen Rotella, this transaction is expected to secure and further fortify StoneCastle’s leading position within the industry. He believed that this acquisition would help his company attract additional market segments of consumers within the industry. Rotella supported his belief with the mention of the InterLINK platform adding superior value and reliability to their services and their deposit capacity. The Lead Director of Intermedium Financial, John Marshall, expressed his pleasure for being able to find the right owner for his company’s esteemed sweep business and the unique FinTech platform.

Stephen Rotella’s Involvement in Philanthropic Endeavors

The major causes that Stephen Rotella supports include children’s welfare, social action and civil rights, politics, social services and the environment. Additionally, he supported another important cause, arts, and culture with voluntary roles as a Board Member from 2000 to 2002 for The Papermill, as the Chair of the Board for six years from 1992 at the BalletMet and as the Board Member for two years from 2006 at the ArtsFund. To support economic empowerment, he fulfilled the voluntary position as a Board Member from 2006 to 2008 at YouthCare Seattle. Simultaneously throughout those years, he also served as a Board Member at the Seattle Foundation. Currently, Stephen Rotella is the Chair of the Board at LIFT Incorporation supporting the social cause to alleviate poverty. The CEO and Co-Founder of LIFT, Kirsten Lodal was thrilled to present this position to Rotella in 2012 as she believed that LIFT would perform supremely with Rotella’s superior business acumen, ultimate leadership, and philanthropic passion.


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