The Coding Languages in Web Programming and their Security

If anyone wants to venture into the business of Web creation, they should consider using an appropriate programming language. It is not an easy task to familiarize with software developing languages. However, mastering the appropriate language is useful so that one can know how secure it is. Some software are not secure and they could cause errors and losses.


A security dealer by the name WhiteHat released some information on his site on the security statistics. This information has been used to enable individuals to measure the safety of programming languages. It examines the different types of susceptibilities and the period it takes for it to remediate bugs. This security measure can also determine whether one can find a difference that may influence an organization on the language to utilize.



They did a research and came up with a report after interviewing thousands of consumer websites. They used patented scanners to carry out the research. The findings pointed towards insignificant dissimilarities in the programming languages used, such as PHP, NET, Java, and Perl among others. Most of the languages share the same mean numbers of weaknesses. A conclusion that one can make is that most of the programming security distresses happen due to human error in the coding systems.



Observing isolated industries keenly, especially those that are controlled, such as healthcare and financials; it’s notable that they will not show a clear difference in the vulnerability numbers and remediation rates. The main problem is that many regulated companies will do all it takes to meet the required minimum standards, instead of doing further research. Among the many programming languages, Cross-site scripting is the most vulnerable regarding the frequency of occurrence of leakages.



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