The Evolution Of Individuality

The Lime Crime is a cosmetics company specializing in “Unicorn Colors”. Bold, bright, statement making colors and products that are for today’s “Unicorn”, or someone who likes to change looks on a regular basis. The colors are anything but natural. Instead, they are bold, fun and dynamic.

Started by Doe Deere, the mission of the Lime Crime is to revolutionize makeup. They believe that everyone is unique and their look should make a statement as to who they are. Don’t let society dictate what you should wear on your face or you hair or what look you should achieve. She launched the company in 2008, creating a makeup like that matched her eccentric wardrobe. Growing up, Doe Deere always felt that she was different, but then realized that she had her own uniqueness and place in the world. It was that feeling that led to her creation.

The company believes that everyone should create a look based on their mood and who they are. It’s ok to be different! They sell colors and sparkles, and their products can be mixed or used individually. The sky is the limit when it comes to this makeup line. As always, the products are vegan and cruelty free.

The Lime Crime is a digitally native beauty brand that is quickly taking over the internet. They set trends with their over the top beauty ideas that other companies are quick to copy. If they dream it, and they are obsessed with it, they will make it! The company has products for lips, eyes, hair, face and nails. They also have money saving bundles so you can purchase more products and create even more unique looks. As they state on their website “The first rule is that there are no rules!” Have fun with it, and express your inner unicorn.

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