The Incredible Mighty Fortress Church

Being close to God is a primary role of Christians. Nowadays churches are beautiful and welcoming for everyone. Minnesota is a state that is packed with various beautiful churches. Just to discuss a few:

Church of St. Columba, St. Paul

Church of St. Columba is a lovely church located in the residential area of St. Paul. The church is featured with a mixture of French Norman-style and Deco/Moderne designs. The church is built with Indiana limestone, and its interior is beautifully designed with vintage characters. Church of St. Paul was established in 1950, but its parish history stated in 1914. View the interactive map at

St. Thomas More Catholic Church, St. Paul

With Classic Romanesque Revival architecture features, St. Thomas More Catholic Church is one of the most beautiful churches in Minnesota. Moreover, it has arched windows, limestone brick, heavy doors and historic features relating to St. Paul’s life. The church is located on Summit Ave surrounded by historic buildings and beautiful homesteads.

Church of the Sacred Heart, Freeport

The Church of the Sacred Heart was ranked top on the Steams County Churches list because of its beautiful features. The church is found in the small town of Freeport and includes an incredible interior design. Being a small church, the Church of the Sacred Heart has taken people by surprise with its unique architectural qualities.

Mighty fortress Church (MFI)

Mighty Fortress Church is a wonderful church found in Minneapolis, Minnesota. MFI is a home to many worshippers who are always moved with the strong message the church offers. The church has anointed preachers who strengthen the relationship between man and God. Many people who attend the church have inspiring testimonies in how the church has changed them. Visit Yelp to write a review about Mighty Fortress Church.

Mighty Fortress Church creates a warm and friendly environment for worshippers to feel comfortable in the presence of God. Primarily the church believes in providing respect and love for worshippers. Every person in the society is welcomed to MFI because the church is opened for anyone who wants to have a healthy Christian life.

MFI is led by its senior pastor Bishop Thomas Williams who has been serving in the evangelist industry for over three decades. Bishop Thomas preaching sessions never miss talking about the importance of reconciliation. Bishop Thomas Williams graduated from the Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma and then proceeded to North Central University where he earned a BA degree in Mass Communication. Bishop Thomas has helped transform the lives of many people spiritually.


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