The Latest In Malware Is Cheap And Infecting Computers At A Fast Rate

One of the latest dangers to web security is Malware with the ability to steal passwords. The Malware is spreading quickly due to the extremely low pricing. The software is not sophisticated but it is effective and the sale price is ridiculously low. The name of the software is Ovidiy Stealer and it is being sold to cybercriminals at a Russian website for $7 to $13. Although the tool does not give them the capability to decimate vulnerable computers like WannaCry could it is an effective tool for stealing passwords. It can also steal credentials from web browsers including Opera, Chrome, and Google. In regards to the other top browsers such as Safari, Internet Explorer, and Firefox they are not supported and last year their userbase exceeded two billion. They are providing a lot of potential targets for the Malware.

The security researchers at Proofpoint believe the malware is being distributed as attachments for emails, disguised as a tool for cheating the most popular games, and as a mining tool for cryptocurrency. The malware additionally allows users access to web-based dashboards giving them the ability to keep tabs on all of their campaigns. For more details on this new Malware please visit

As victims are infected by the Malware their dashboard displays new information. An infected machine allows the Malware to look at log files, stolen credentials, and request technical support from the creator of Ovidiy Stealer. The creator is a hacker who uses the name TheBottle. Proofpoint feels the Malware does have the potential to become an increasingly widespread threat. The dirt cheap price of the Ovidiy Stealer is making it close to becoming an epidemic. The best protection is to enable a two-factor authentication on all of your accounts. An app capable of generating strong passwords with the ability to allow a fast reset in case of an infection is also an excellent idea.

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