Three Tips That Can Help You Maximize Investments In Brazil From Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is one of the most knowledgeable investors when it comes to buying Brazilian stocks, ETFs or other funds in South America’s largest country. Cornelsen has mastered investing over the years and as a Brazilian native himself, he knows when it’s time to buy down there. One reason he says to do so now is because Brazil is in an economic recovery, and as businesses begin to get back on track, stocks will start rising and foreign investors can partake of the benefits if they follow Cornelsen’s three tips.

Igor Cornelsen says first that you need to know which banks can deal in foreign currency because the government authorizes a select few to do it. But that also leads to his second tip which is getting to know the natives down there because they know the bank’s, and they can point you to the right ones. And it doesn’t even take traveling down there to do so with technology allowing for online networking in today’s world. Thirdly, you do have to expect the red tape of regulations due to mistakes that Brazil’s prior president and her administration made. But learning those restrictions and navigating around them is worth the effort if you’re able to capitalize on Brazilian investments.

Igor Cornelsen has spent most of his life in Brazil working with big investment banks and serving both public and private sector clients. He’s seen the ups and downs in Brazil’s economy and has even advised Brazil’s Minister of Finance on how to resolve currency issues. After years taking on the rigors of banking, Cornelsen retired though he still does part-time consulting and appears on a few cable news channels sometimes. He also blogs about investing and often reinforces looking at the long run when buying stocks and researching whose stock you buy.

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