Three-Year-Old Imgur Hack Discovered

Popular image sharing site Imgur recently recognized that it suffered a security breach that compromised around 1.7 million of its users’ emails and passwords in 2014.

The massive image sharing site, home to a large community of internet users focused on internet memes and culture, released a statement on their blog outlining the details of the security breach and the extent of information compromised.

The site’s management was only made aware of the breach recently by security researcher Troy Hunt three years after it happened, leaving many users compromised and unaware of the fact.

Roy Sehgal, Imgur’s Chief Operating Officer explained that the breach was caused by a fault in the password encrypting algorithm the site used at the time and assured users that the said algorithm is no longer being used. This means users who joined the website or changed their passwords after the breach would not be affected by it.

Roy Sehgal urged users to change their passwords and to take security-conscious measures to prevent further damage such as using different passwords for different online accounts.

Troy Hunt, the researcher who uncovered the security breach, praised Imgur for its professional and quick response to the security breach in a post on Twitter.

This comes at a time when Uber and Equifax are facing PR scandals involving attempts to hide similar security breaches to protect their public image. Experts point out such measures intensify the consequences of security breaches and leave users vulnerable to abuse by hackers.

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