Traveling Vineyard Is Helping Women To Make Extra Income While Enjoying Quality Wine with Friends

Good wine, friends, and great conversations are a natural fit. This combination will lift the mood of even the dullest person ever. So what about being paid to enjoy all the three? Traveling Vineyard provides women with the opportunity to make money while enjoying quality wine with friends. These women work as the company’s wine guides. The guides make money by selling the company’s premium wines at the wine tastings events that they host at their friends’ homes.

Traveling Vineyard’s business approach is simple. It eliminates the need for the wine guides to store the products at their homes or carry the bottles to their friends when they make the order. With the commission-based business model, sky is the limit. The amount of money that one makes is only limited by the amount of orders made through her in a month or year. The flexibility of the business model also makes it a perfect side hustle that one can conveniently use to supplement her income from full-time job. It is also an ideal source of income to moms with young children.

There is a common notion that for one to become a wine guide with Traveling Vineyard, she needs to have deep knowledge on wine. This is not true. The opportunity is open to anyone who wants to join the network and is interested in learning more about wine. The company provides adequate educational materials that individuals can use to enhance their wine knowledge. This information is important as it makes you comfortable and confident when sharing the knowledge with friends and guests and learn more about Traveling Vineyard.

As one improves her knowledge on wine and become comfortable in the wine guide business, she can decide to become a mentor to the new wine guides. This position enables one to build a team of guides and create a network. The mentor earns additional income from the sales made by wine guides in her network. As a mentor, you can also improve your income by motivating wine guides under you and continuously expanding the network and their Facebook.


About Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard is a provider of premium wines to wine lovers. The direct-selling company sells its products to clients through a network of professionally trained wine guides. The guides are independent representatives and more information click here.

The company provides a flexible system where wine lovers can generate stable income while at the same time making new friends and enjoying premium wine. Through the company’s wine tasting business model, its guides and clients are able to continuously expand their knowledge on the products. The company’s website and social media pages have extensive information about its operations. The corporation has employed full-time social media managers to handle all the questions raised by consumers and Traveling Vineyard’s lacrosse camp.

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