What Does a Cyber Security Professional Need to Know?

Over the years, there has been a huge debate on what should be taught in cybersecurity courses. Many beginners often wonder whether the classes teach coding skills such as Python, and C#. In reality, such skills are not normally taught in such a course. There is a need to understand that the cybersecurity profession by itself is quite huge.

Many cybersecurity professionals working in big companies today are bureaucrats. Their work is to make certain that the company systems are secured by working with code reviewers and IT administrators to confirm that the prescribed standards have been employed. They do so by writing documents where they note any shortcomings that may have been recorded, as well as why these shortcomings were noted.

Additional groups comprise of:

White hat hackersIntrusion detection specialistsSecurity developers
• White hat hackers. It is a group whose main role is to hack systems in a bid to find vulnerabilities proactively. It tends to comprise very few individuals, and many of their discoveries are made by accident.
• Intrusion detection specialists. The specialists sit around in a room each day as they wait for alarms to sound off. Top tier specialists understand the meaning of these alarms while their counterparts idle around playing games as they wait for that moment when something will go wrong.
• Security developers. They write the code for software applications used in intrusion and virus detection systems.

The bottom line is that many jobs in the cybersecurity field do not require you to have any coding knowledge. But you need to be good in OS and networks administration.

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