What is the Internet of Things?

Things are changing for the better concerning cyber security. Have you ever being troubled by something you deem unethical at your place of work? At this moment, you may be contemplating about leaking sensitive information about the place you work. However, experts have revealed that you should think twice as artificial intelligence is changing things. Imagine the developments in the web security sector are allowing artificial intelligence to scrutinize every aspect of your work life. The email you send can be analyzed, the web pages you visit, files you upload as well as information you scan can be monitored. For this reason, you should think twice before leaking that information or visiting those tricky web pages that are likely to tarnish your reputation if found out.


The internet of things allows the interconnection of handheld devices in a way that synchronization is possible. The result is sharing of information and flexibility. The internet of things allows corporations to shut down their databases immediately a cyber-attack is detected. This ensures that no information will be stolen by the hackers. While the interconnection of devices offers a wide variety of devices to be hacked, it gives cyber security firms more ways of scanning threats. This is according to the chief executive officer of a company called Darktrace that specializes in mitigating cyber-attack threats.


According to experts, the best way to keep a threat out of the system is understanding devices and people. This way, it will be possible to notice even the smallest changes in the network. At the end of the day, this enables experts to develop a pattern. However, there is concern that the internet of things will invade the privacy of workers. With such environment, resentment is likely to increase as well as low morale. Production and efficiency are likely to go down when employees realize that they are being monitored.



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