What Is Trigger’s Next Plan? A Look Through Trigger’s Rise


Hiroyuki Imaishi, Masahiko Ohtsuka, and Kazuki Nakashima are impressive powerhouses of the anime world. As former Gainax staff members, these wizards of animation and storytelling have worked on Gainax’s older, more impacting series such as Neon Genesis Evangelion and Diebuster to many an anime fan’s introduction to the anime world: FLCL. Their minds come together to form the new animation studio, Trigger.  Evangelion is widely considered to be one of the most popular anime, and one of the best ever made.  Even if Shinji isn’t a very badass anime character.


Although Trigger is a new animation studio with its own style, the unique flavor of Trigger can be seen in a few Gainax series. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (TTGL) was the first for most otaku, delivering an over the top and hot-blooded shonen feel to a world lacking excitement because of the encroaching harem and moeblob masses. Still, TTGL delivered the plot twists, deeper messages, and downright weird imagery that the anime world knows from Gainax.


As Trigger, sword anime fans know of Kill la Kill. 6 years passed since the beginning of TTGL and the cravings for the story never died down. Although TTGL and KLK don’t share any formal connections, the animation style, comedy, and a few iconic symbols such as the similarities between Gurren Lagann’s eyes and Senketsu’s neckerchief are hard to miss.


It seems like Trigger has a style and flavor that anime fans can rely on. Little Witch Academia–an entry for Anime Mirai 2013–has its own cult following that delivers Trigger’s flair. The trend fell short with Kiznaiver, which has a heavy flavor of Gainax’s deeper philosophical challenges, but lacks true depth and isn’t quite as entertaining as what Trigger has delivered in the past–at least until halfway through.


2017 brings the world a new set of Trigger’s flavors that may atone for Kiznaiver’s lukewarm start. A new season of Little Witch Academia has captured hearts around the world, and they’re assisting in the two American works Battlesaurs and Steven Universe for specific animation scenes.


Will we get another blockbuster in 2018? Is a third season of Little Witch Academia the focus? As 2017 becomes less fresh and the hype of summer and fall anime looms, keep an eye out for Trigger’s next attempt at changing the anime world’s face.

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