Why Rick Smith’s Company, Securus, is Growing

In an industry that is ever-changing and can be difficult for some companies to be able to stay stable with, it is important that the CEO of a prison industry business be able to try different things so that they will be able to do more than what they had in the past. Rick Smith knows this very well and has worked to protect Securus by doing everything that he can to acquire new companies, use the latest methods of communication and provide the prisons with a lot of technologically advanced options for their needs. All of this has led to Securus remaining one of the top companies in the prison industry and that has secured Rick Smith’s position as one of the top CEOs. He has learned a lot about what to do for the company and how to make sure that it is going to be successful for years in the future.

When Rick Smith made the choice to make Securus better, he did so with the intention that he was going to change things with other companies. Since Securus recently acquired JPay, that was something that they were good at. It continues to be a major part of the business and that is everything that has made it easier for Rick Smith to do different things. It is also something that has made it easier for them to remain stable no matter what is going on in the economy or in the prison industry that they are a part of and to learn more click here

While Rick Smith recognizes that it is important to try new things, he also recognizes that communication is important. Since Securus was originally a communication company, Rick Smith likes to keep that theme the same. He has tried his best to show people what they can get in different situations and what will make things better for them. He does different things, like creating prison email systems, so that inmates can have different ways of communicating. He has also done what he can to provide the prisons with the communication procedures that they need for monitoring phone calls and the JPay acquisition was a huge part of this.


Supporting the administration is extremely important to Rick Smith. He knows that prisons need good administrators if they are going to be successful and he is confident that he can give the administrators everything that they need to improve the options that they have. All of the things that Rick Smith has done for his company are going to make things better and it will help Rick Smith to grow Securus. He plans on giving different technological options to all of the administrators that he is currently working with.

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